Sep 15, 2014

Tuesday 14.09.16

Main WOD

- 500m Row
- 10 Pull-Ups Weighted 15/5#

Skill/Strength- 50  Double Unders Unbroken

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This couplet features one mono-structural movement and one gymnastic movement. Start on the rower and maintain a pace about 10-15 seconds slower than your best 500m time. Keep that stroke rate at or below 30 for this WOD or risk burning out.  Position your dumbbell or plate by the rig.  Dumbbells should be sandwiched between your feet as if you were climbing a rope.  If you are using a plate, grab a foam bumper plate and clamp it between your legs. Make sure you practice holding the weight before the WOD. Nobody wants to trip over a runaway weight.

Scaling: Reduce your stroke rate and focus on form on the row.  Perform the pull ups without the weight and/or utilize jumping/banded pull ups.

Skill/Strength: Double Unders!!!  If you cannot string more than 3-5 together, your goal is 50 total.  If you can string 5-20, your goal is 3 attempts of max effort adding up to at least 50 total.  If you can string 20+, than your goal is 50 unbroken!  Remember the tips from last week:
  • Tip #1: It is all in the wrists. Keep your elbows in and spin at the wrists
  • Tip #2a: Spin twice as fast. It will feel unnatural and you will hit yourself a lot until your brain learns a new rhythm. Incorporate next tip to build said rhythm.
  • Tip #2b: Jump twice as high. It will feel like wasted effort, but the longer you are in the air, the more time the rope has to travel a second lap around your big old head.
  • Tip #3: Keep your toes up. If your heels are 12" off the ground, but your toes are 3" off the ground, you have wasted 9" of effort.
  • Tip #4: Don't give up...and maybe wear high socks.



From CrossFit Vicksburg

-13:18 (no weights)

Nice little box at the YMCA

Sean Carmody said...

13:46 (Rx)...There's a CrossFit Vicksburg?

Ross said...


15:55 RX, 4 and 5 rd kept dropping the weight and had to reset, really messed up my time... oh well..

50 DU first attempt..

Played with some snatches still working tightness out of shoulder / chest from what i think is a pec muscle pull...

Jimmy Chen said...

IMCF Sill,

Echo Ross' statement about dropping the weight. Apparently, I'm not coordinated enough to pinch a 15-lb. bumper plate between my thighs and pull myself up at the same time. Constantly varied? You definitely got me there!

Finished at 14:58, quasi-Rx'd. The latter due to reasons stated above.

At least I redeemed myself with the 50 unbroken DUs in the first attempt though...