Sep 8, 2014

Tuesday 14.09.09

Main WOD
1RFT, Weight is 125/85#
- 5   DU, 30 Front Squats
- 10 DU, 25 Front Squats
- 15 DU, 20 Front Squats
- 20 DU, 15 Front Squats
- 25 DU, 10 Front Squats
- 30 DU,   5 Front Squats

3x 10 Dips (Ring or bar) 
Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This Couplet has has each set adding up to 35.  Front Squats start off high reps and descend while the Double Unders (DU) start off low and ascend.  Use the low rep double unders to focus on stringing them together rather than just scaling to multiple of singles. Double Unders serve as your active rest in between squats. Initiate the Front Squats by cleaning, or deadlifting and then hang clean the bar into the rack.  Set your feet and lumbar curve and maintain them throughout the full range of motion.  Hips below knees at the bottom, full extension of the hips at the top.

Scaling: Substitute Singles for Double Unders at 3:1.  Reduce the weight on the front squat to 95/65#.

Skill/Strength: 3x 10 or 6x 5 depending on your skill level.  Ring dips are a great way to improve your overall core strength, and each rep targets your triceps, chest and shoulders.  Tips for improving your Dips below:
  • Maintain Good Form - Keep the rings close to your body, push your chest forward, and keep your elbows back while you lower down for each rep.
  • Scale – Start off doing dips on a bench, then move onto bar dips. Once your bar dips are at a solid stage, then try ring dips using resistance bands.
  • Practice Your Grip - Practice your ring dip grip by using static holds for 10-20 seconds to work on your stabilizer muscles and get you familiar with using rings.
  • Improve Your Flexibility - Work on your shoulder and tricep flexibility by rolling them out prior to hopping on the rings.


Tina Kracke said...

Will skip. Front rack w/ shoulder a no -go. Run day. Have fun!


14:34 (115#)

Front squat felt like 75 straight reps...broke me off good.

Ross said...


13:54 @135 cause 125 is just a silly number on the bar, it should be 115 or 135 - sorry just feeling spunky this morning.

Couldn't do Dips with pulled peck muscle, did banded squat cleans - 20 @115 + red bands doubled over each end.

Jimmy Chen said...
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Jimmy Chen said...


Saw this WOD yesterday evening when it was posted and thought to myself, "do I wanna walk funny tomorrow? Ehh...why not? I'm a staff jockey; I have the rest of the day to sit at my desk and recover."

While doing the WOD, the realization that we did Angie (100 air squats) yesterday made me very sad. Speaking of sad, so was my finish time - 20:31 @ 95#.

Sweet Motrin...I come for you.

Dan R. said...

9:12 Rx
Been doing the Hatch squat program for 11 weeks now. That seems to have helped with today's WOD. I'm out of town until the
22nd. Guess I may have to pay for some drop in WODS.

Sean Carmody said...

19:36 gymanstcs equals rough going.

Charles Lawrence said...
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Charles Lawrence said...

15:30 with single-unders. Did one round of double-unders (yeah...i know...five whole double unders) and got a 'tude. Oh well.