Sep 21, 2014

Monday 14.09.22

***Meet at Bubble then Jog to Track***

Main WOD
6 RFT*

- 400m Run

*Rest exactly 60 seconds

- 3x 9 Kipping Pull Ups

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: This is a high intensity sprint workout and pretty straight forward WOD.  No gimics, just effort. The idea is that each run is full speed.  Meet at the bubble, and then jog over to the track as your warm up.  Depending on the number of athletes, we will organize into 2 heats separated by 30 seconds. With a continuous clock (personal time piece required), everyone lines up together and sprints one lap. After your lap, peel off to the outside lanes of the track to begin your 1 minute of rest.  Keep your head up, walk around, and control your breathing.  Then repeat 5x more times for a total of 2400m (1.5 miles). NOTE: Soldiers conducting APFTs have priority for inside lanes...

Scoring: Subtract 5x minutes from your overall score for your Total Sprint Time!

Scaling: Increase the rest to 90 seconds if you haven't controlled your breathing by the time of the next run. Substitute 500m row if you are having knee/ankle pain.

Skill/Strength: Time to test your kipping skills.  Try and string 9x kipping pull ups without breaking.  Scale the amount of sets based on your strict pull up ability:
  • More than 10 Strict : 6x 9 Kipping
  • 5-10 Strict : 3x 9 Kipping
  • Less than 5 Strict : 3x 9 Banded/jumping
Watch this video for tips from Chris Spealler on all things pull up.


Jimmy Chen said...


Great timing on this WOD, as it actually felt like autumn this morning!

I don't know if it's due to the fact that I didn't do any serious running for a while, but this WOD felt painful after the first couple of rounds.

Results of each round follows:

Round 1 - 1:24
2 - 1:30
3 - 1:15
4 - 1:28
5 - 1:33
6 - 1:48

The minute of rest between each round felt like seconds as the WOD progressed. There's nothing like having AIT students look at you funny as you're wheezing your way on the track.

Ross said...


13:12 total time so if I sub 5 min for rest gets me an 8:12...

Kipping Pullups - 6x9, little tight in the first couple of rounds but really got a good flow going in the last four.


10:00 lungs where on fire

I did the first round in 1:10 and then there was no gas left in the tank.

monroe said...

All at the track:
I ran for six two-minute periods, three minutes walking in between periods.
6x9 kipping pullups
10x10 air squats
10x2 strict HSPU
Great day to be outside!