Sep 14, 2014

Monday 14.09.15

Main WOD "Grace"

-30 Clean & Jerks 135/95#

- 500m Row (Stroke Rate <20)

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Benchmark Day! Here are some tips to get through “Grace” as fast as possible:
  1. Break it up into smaller sets. Unless you plan on going through unbroken, taking yourself to failure, or close to failure, is a recipe for disaster and requires a lot more resting than necessary. Don’t be a hero. Break the reps up, keep the rest to a minimum, and you should find yourself in PR city.
  2. Get under the bar! Dropping under the bar in the clean and jerk will allow your muscles to relax for a split second, saving you energy throughout the entire workout. More importantly, in order for a muscle to contract to peak force it HAS to be allowed to relax. Drop under the bar in the power clean and you’ll be able to apply more force to the jerk.
  3. Ride the bar from the top. You may not realize it, but holding the bar down after the jerk (AKA the negative) is zapping you of a lot of energy. DO NOT DUMP THE BAR, but rather "ghost ride" the bar by controlling bar path, not the rate of descent. 
  4. Watch Rich Fronning's Form.  It is near perfect at 225#. 
Scaling: Reduce the weight to 95/65#. If you have a shoulder injury, execute the cleans only.

Skill/Strength: Row 500m while keeping the Strokes per min (s/m) at or below 20. Rowing is not a pulling sport, it is a pushing sport.  The legs "push" the machine away to create power through the drive.  The hips/back open to the 1 o'clock position to extend the power. The arms "pull" the handle to the chest only to reverse momentum as you "push" your hand forward past your knees on your way back up the slide. The reduced pace will allow you to focus on the order of operations: legs-hips/back-arms and then arms-hips/back-legs.


Sean Carmody said...

5:45 (Rx)

Jimmy Chen said...


So I didn't beat Froning's time, even with his 225#. Me and my measely 4:55 Rx...

Ross said...


Started the morning with a good 3 mile ability group run with the cadets.

Grace - RX 2:36, PR old PR was a 2:47 over a year ago, did it in Feb and was over 3 min mark, pretty happy with today's run at it.. Felt strong, was able to go 10 unbroken, then kept a steady flow of singles ghost riding the bar and going, never took a break had 14 reps at 1 min, 25 reps at 2 min, then finished @2:36

Row, man I felt more tired from the slow row, kept it at 20 strokes /min 1:57 for the 500m.

Charles Lawrence said...

3:20 Rx. BIG PR for me today!

Cedric Burden said...

6:37 @ 115#. ... I'm still sore from the Plaza 10k yesterday ;-)