Aug 20, 2014

Thursday 14.08.21

Main WOD

- 10 Split Jerk 135/95#
- 15 C2B Pull-ups

Strength Work
-7min EMOM of 1x Power Clean & 1 Hang Squat Clean @ 60%

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: The bar starts on the ground so you will need to power clean the 1st rep.  Once the bar is resting in the rack, conduct a split jerk with your dominant foot moving forward, other foot moving back, drop under the bar, catching it with arms locked out. Every time you drop the bar, execute another power clean to get the bar back in the rack. With the split jerk, you need to think about pushing your body under the bar verses you pushing the bar overhead. The biggest problem with the split is that your front foot isn’t out far enough. Check out this video concerning footwork in the split jerk.

Scaling: Reduce the weight to 95/65# for the jerk and your substitute split jerk for regular jerk if your footwork is a little shaky.  Reduce the Chest-to-Bar Pull ups with regular/banded/jumping pull-ups. Check out this video for tips and tricks on CTB Pull Ups.

Optional Strength Work: The bar starts on the ground, then one power clean. Without dropping the bar, go to the hand and perform a hang squat clean.  If your hanging squat clean still needs some work, check out this video for tips and tricks.


Sean Carmody said...

11:38 (Rx)

Jimmy Chen said...

A day late, but did this one on Friday (today). Finished out at 9:24 @ 95#. Started the first round Rx, but couldn't sustain a good pace, so I dropped weight.

Ross said...


Hey had a great time hitting the bubble again when I was down for PCC.. Sorry been off the net for a few days made it back to SD had to take a few days off due to a minor neck injury, just slept on it wrong or something but couldn't move my head, after some prescribed flexural and a couple of beers it seems to have finally worked it selfout... Finally hit the gym again today, made this workout up..

10 Split Jerk
15 C2B Pull ups
7:15 @135

I started light on the Cleans so I ended up doing a EMOTM for 21 Min

First 7 Min EMOTM
1 Pwr Clean @155
1 Hang Squat Clean @155
Next 7 Min
1 Pwr Clean @185
1 Hang Squat Clean @185
Last 7 Min
1 Pwr Clean @205
1 Hang Squat Clean @205