Aug 1, 2014

August Programmers Note

Lets all the thank Rob K. for a Great July...

Adam T. has the lead for August.

About the Programmer: I am a logistics officer currently CGSC student in the 14-02 class and have been CrossFitting for about 4 years. Previous to Ft Leavenworth, I coached at CrossFit Reston in Reston, VA. I really enjoy the comparable, measureable, repeatable aspect of CrossFit and that you can track and see exactly where you are getting better. I like the Olympic lifts and the concept of virtuosity that CrossFit harps about.

August Goals: Strength movements will concentrate on the Clean and Snatch. Hopefully at the end of the month, you will have added 5-10 lbs on your 1 Rep Max.

What to Expect: This month we are executing a traditional style of CrossFit, mainly triplets and couplets. Some of these WODs are programmed heavy on purpose. If you need to scale to complete the movements, then that is perfectly fine. I will include in the coaches notes how to scale so that we all get the same desired effect. 

Feedback: Any recommendations on how to better incorporate new movements, scale weights, or organize movements are greatly appreciated. Please send questions, comments, concerns to and we will get you an answer in 48 hours.

Are your Ready?!?... 3, 2, 1, Go!

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