Aug 29, 2014



Labor Day WOD: Show up at 0800 in the Bubble to warm up and expect a 0815 WOD Brief for a 3.2.1.Go!

Coaches Clinic: Open to all current and future trainers!  Meet this Thursday at 1630 in the Bubble.

Warming Up before WODs: Warming up is critical to sustaining any fitness plan.  You know your body better than anyone else, so arrive early and work out those rough spots.  Grab a band, a roller, a ball, or a PVC pipe and prepare your body for a potential personal record (PR). Try this Full Range of Motion (FROM) Warm Up below:

Coach & Trainer Support: See a new movement on WOD board? Still not sure about executing the movement after the WOD brief? GRAB A TRAINER, WORK IT OUT, AND GO IN THE NEXT HEAT!  Our all-volunteer trainers are at YOUR disposal from 0530-0830 Monday-Friday.  Check out the Trainer Page to match faces and names.  Send us an email if you would like to set up some one-on-one for specific movements. 

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course: 25/26OCT14 in the Harney Bubble Annex.  Anyone can attend by signing up through the link on our homepage.  Scholarship Application will post on Monday morning.  Number of scholarships has yet to be determined, apply early to be considered.  Check out our Scholarship page for more details.

Next On-Ramp: 27SEP14 in the Harney Bubble Annex from 0830-1230.  Click here for more details.

Congrats to August On-Ramp Class: 40 athletes completed the class on 25AUG14. Welcome to the Team!

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