Jul 21, 2014

Tuesday 14.07.22

Main WOD

- 500m Row
- 20 Over-the-Rower Burpees

Skill: Pistols
- 3x 10 Banded Air Squats
- 2x 10 Heel Elevated
- 1x 10 Rx

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Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Simple couplet consisting of one mono structural and one gymnastic movement. Keep your 500m pace about 10-15 seconds above your time trial speed.  Use the quick release on your foot straps to get in and out quickly.  The Burpees is where you will separate yourself from the other athletes (fast or slow).  Burpees will done on alternating sides of the rower.  No requirement to remain perpendicular, but you WILL have a 2 feet take off and landing.  This for the safety of the rower...not so much you.   Breath in through the jump, and breath out through the push up.

Scaling: Substitute a 400m run for the row.  Instead of jumping over the rower, you can walk around it and perform a push up on alternate sides. 

Skill: Stretch out the calves and ankles before getting started.  Today we start with banded air squats. Take red/purple band and double it over, step inside it ensuring one loop is above the knee and one loop is below the knee.  Execute 10x air squats while pushing your knees out.  This will help your range of motion and reinforce external rotation.  Check out this video for examples of alternate pistol progressions, full pistol, and even advanced pistol.



15:07 Rx

Good turn out 0545 crew.

monroe said...

Upon waking, 1 hour walk, 40 squats, 30 pushups, 20 lunges, 20 chin ups, 10 KB presses, 36lbs. I've been doing this every day for the past 8 weeks with some variation on the numbers (up to 100 reps) for some exercises in an effort to build a GPP base. I typically lift two days per week, usually O lifts with some squatting and DL at 60-80%. So far, so good. WODs every day was just killing me. Articles like this: http://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/your-gpp-is-broken-why-you-need-90-minute-sessions
are my motivation for this approach. Also see "Freaky Fitness" by Andrew Read on Breaking Muscle. Through this approach, I'm fresher every day and still making good progress on my lifts and skills. I started this path to build a base for the games. Not saying it's for everyone, IMCF programming is really good, but if you're 40+ it's worth a look and won't detract from getting your WOD on. The notion is that most of us don't have the aerobic base we think we do, and you won't get it with 10-30 minute WODs five days a week.

Ross said...


14:48 RX

Mark, thanks for the info, something to look at.. During the year, when i do PT with Cadets 3 days a week, I get a good mix of other activities (mostly running), but I can tell during the summer away from it and doing just WODs and with a heavy dose of vacation mixed in my motor is lacking...

Sean Carmody said...

16:02 Rx