Jul 20, 2014

Monday 14.07.21

Main WOD "Diane"

- Deadlift 225/185#
- Hand Stand Push Ups

Strength : Pull Ups
8min EMOM of 8x Strict Pull Ups

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Benchmark #6.  In order to do this WOD prescribed, you need 1 rep max Deadlft of 325/200#.  Otherwise the weights prescribed are well above 70% load and should NOT be done for time.  This WOD does not demand speed through the deadlift, it demands form and pace. Remember the 6 points of performance.  Secondly,  Handstand push ups require a great deal of core and upper body strength.  You need to be able to control your body throughout a full range of motion (head-to-ground, arms fully extended).  Check out how to do a kipping handstand push up here.

Scaling:  Deadlift weight should be NO more than 70% 1 rep max, so take your max and multiple it by 0.7 (tadaah).  Switch your grip to save your forearms.  Handstand push ups can be scaled many ways.  Check out this video for use of abmats and boxes to reduce body weight during the motion.

Strength: Today we turn it up one more notch and go 8min EMOM of 8x strict pull ups.  Strict = strength, Kipping = skill.  Focusing on strength first, it will prevent injury to the shoulders as we increase reps and speed during a WOD.  Watch Chris Spealler teach strict pull ups.


Sean Carmody said...

4:53 (Rx) (PR)

Adam Thompson said...

2:50 Rx (PR)
8x8 strict pull-ups was tough.

monroe said...

I'll be in at 1600 today to work with anyone who wants to go over the deadlift prior to the WOD. Today is snatch work for me. I'll be working on finer points of the setup, happy to help anyone needing work there.

Ross said...


Ahhh damn HSPU... I can do small sets of 2-3 in a row but then loose it and have to come off the wall. Diane is one of those workouts I hate, I can and love to deadlift, but the HSPU really highlight one of my weaknesses. 12:31 - RX which is not a great time at all but it is over 2 min better than my last RX attempt.

Jimmy Chen said...


7:14 at 185#. Not bad, but could be better...

Dan R. said...

6:14-had to do about 15 total pike HSPU. Watched Adam blow through this while I was still on my set of 21 I think.
8 strict pull-ups EMOM for 8 minutes way tougher than 7 for 7.

Charles Lawrence said...

Practice run on Heroes in the Heartland Team WOD #1:

400m Run
40 thrusters 85#
400m run
40 thrusters 85#
400m run

Completed in 12:03