Jul 13, 2014

Monday 14.07.14

Main WOD "Karen"

- 150 Wall Balls 20/14#

Skill: Hand Stand Walks
3x 10 Shoulder Touches
3x 10m Partner Assisted Walk Outs

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Benchmark #4 of 150 wall balls, pretty simple.  The key to wall balls is finding a pace and breaking sets before you think you need to. Very few athletes can charge through “Karen” unbroken.  Many athletes will come out of the gate and do 50+ unbroken. That’s great, but you still have 100 more. 150 is big number and if you burn out 1/2 way through it will take you twice as long to finish the 150 as it would have if you went small sets early.  Recommendations for partitioning below:
  • Beginner : 15 sets of 10 reps (I hate my life)
  • Intermediate : 10 sets of 15 reps (I was good until half way through)
  • Advanced : 5 sets of 30 reps (Steady Eddie)
  • Advanced : 50-40-30-20-10 (Controlled Burn)
Scaling: Use a lighter wall ball first.  Then aim at lower line (9' instead of 10', 8' foot instead of 9').

Hand Stand Walks:  Some of yall are getting close to doing real hand stand walks.  This week will be a break through for most.  In order to prepare your shoulders for the transfer of weight during the walk, start off with 3x 10 shoulder touches (5 each shoulder).  Check out this video for details.  After the shoulder touches, do a wall walk and get inverted.  Have a partner hold your feet as you walk out 10m.  If you can do it freestyle, try it!


Sam Friend said...

IMCF Deutchland
You don't know what you've got til it's gone... We miss the Bubble and all of you.
We've been doing TLF WODs with the kids the past couple of weeks. We did the Main Site WOD Saturday... In the hallway... With other people coming out of there rooms to check out the 3 kids, pregnant lady, and random guy doing air squats and then spending significant time upside down. My kids all beat me by 7 min.
Today I went to Landstuhl CrossFit, which is only for military members. Got 13:03 Rx of:
5 DL 245/ 145
200M Run
12 Pull up
5 rounds
1min break between rounds

Jimmy Chen said...


Sam!! Great to hear that you and your family are doing well. Please give my regards to Susan.

So after almost a month off of CrossFit (*gasp* blasphemy!) and dipping into my savings, I'm finally starting to put together ye olde garage gym. To echo Sam's comment: we [do] miss the Bubble!

Karen hit me like a scorned mistress this morning, as I finished at 14:19 Rx; it hurt more since I actually did the WOD with a 20-pounder. There's no better forcing function than being a cheapskate and not wanting to spend more on two wallballs (14# and 20#)...


7:53 Rx PR

Good turn out this morning... 0630 needs to step up

Kurt Knoedler said...

11:21 RX not my best Karen. I hit 50 at 3:10 and 100 at 6:20 but then fell apart. Rob probably would have no rep(ed) me on half of them anyhow so need to hit the standards.

Charles Lawrence said...

8:13, Rx. The last time I did Karen was during 13.3...and it took me all of 11 minutes. So big PR for this guy. Sam, tell all my LCCF folks I said hey! Hope you are enjoying training there.

Dan R. said...

6:41 Rx.
Goal was 5 sets of 30.....did 30-30-15-10....then whatever I could get.

Ross said...


DAMN you IMCF Programmer!!!! My thoughts lastnight when I saw Karen. I did Karen Thursday evening as part of another WOD for granite games, it didn't go well so I redid the WOD on Saturday AM. So after two Karen's last week I really didn't want to tackle this again.... So I was lazy, and made up Jackie from last week.

6:27 on Jackie PR.

Worked some handstand walks with mixed success.. One attempt i can get like 7 or 8 steps next I cannot even stay up.. All deals with locking the core I think. have to keep working..

On a side note, attended the CrossFit Movement and Mobility certification this weekend, a fun and very informative class. now i just have to try and apply it all..

Sean Carmody said...

8:22 Rx

Justin Pritchard said...

8:55 Rx. I hit the gym after falling asleep at my study carrel