Jul 6, 2014

Monday 14.07.07

Main WOD
20 min "Death By"

- Pull Ups
- Push Ups

Pistol Progressions (alternate legs)
- 3x 10 Assisted
- 3x 10 Heel Elevated
- 3x 10 Full Squat

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Welcome back from your Fourth of July shenanigans!  Today's couplet will get you refocused for the week.  The "Death By" format is similar to an EMOM (every minute on the minute), except the rep count goes up by 1 rep for each movement, each minute, until you can no longer complete the couplet in the time allotted. Examples below:
  • 1st  Minute = 1 pull up & 1 push up, rest remainder of the minute
  • 2nd Minute = 2 pull ups & 2 push ups, rest remainder of the minute
  • 10th Minute = 10 pull ups & 10 push ups, rest remainder of the minute
  • 20th Minute = 20 pull ups & 20 push ups, COMPLETE
What do I do when I get knocked out?  Good question.  Sit out one minute to rest and then hop back into the mix performing half the reps of the last successful round.  Example:  I could not complete 11 pull ups and 11 push ups in 1 minute.  I rest for the 12th minute, start again at the 13th minute performing 5 pull ups and 5 push ups for the remainder of the WOD (20th minute).  Score is highest round completed

Scale Down: Scale once and stick with it throughout the WOD.  The intent of the "Death By" is to perform a specific movement at a controlled rate instead of a lesser movement in an AMRAP style. So start with jumping or banded pull ups if you cant do 10 or more regular to start.

Scale Up: Chest to Bar Pull ups and Hand Release Push Ups are authorized!

Skill: Stretch out the calves and ankles before getting started.  Regardless of skill level, start with assisted pistols and work your way up to the full pistol. This exercise requires a full range of motion, balance, coordination, and strength. Check out this video for picture perfect demonstrations.  For those of us that are working up to the pistol squat, there are many progressions to get you on your way.  Check out this video for examples of bench pistol, assisted pistol, full pistol, and even advanced pistol.



12 rounds RX.

Welcome class 15-01.

Jacob Heppner said...

worked up to a 1-RM Hang Clean (305#) then,

Row 1k,
30x Hang Squat Clean Thruster @ 135#,
60x C2B Pullups

Dan R. said...

14 rnds plus 1 ripped callous....love the alcohol hand rub at work this morning.

Sean Carmody said...

17 rnds; blisters galore!!!

Ross said...


15 RDs, RX, and one hell of a blood blister...

Justin Pritchard said...

12 rnds. I hit the bubble at lunch. If you didn't leave blood on the bar you did wrong