Jul 31, 2014

Friday 14.08.01

Team WOD "Super Fun"
1RFT, 3 Partners, 30min Time Cap

- 4500m Row
- 900 Double Unders
- 240 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#

Skill - Hand Stand Walk Test
- 3 Attempts max distance hand stand walk

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0600 & 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Partner up in Teams of 3 Athletes.  Everybody works at the same time, but Athletes cannot perform the same movement at the same time.  Switch as needed.  As movements become complete, athletes not working will hold a handstand against the wall or an air squat until all movements complete.  Example below...
  • Tom, Dick, and Harry partner up and get set up for their assigned movements.  Tom is going to row, Dick is going to jump rope, and Harry is swinging the kettle bell.
  • Dick has shredded his shins and cannot do anymore double unders, so he announces "switch" or "rotate".
  • Dick moves to Kettle bell swings, Harry moves to rowing, and Tom starts jumping rope. Everyone continues counting where their partner left off.
  • Everyone continues working and switching until movements near completion.
  • Tom finishes the last kettle bell swing and announces "done" and immediately assumes the handstand hold against the wall.  Harry keeps rowing and Dick keeps jumping rope.
  • Dick finishes the last double under and announces "done" and immediately assumes the bottom of the air squat.  Harry keeps rowing.
  • Harry begins to cry and just cant row anymore.  He announces "switch" and Tom starts rowing, Harry assumes the air squat and Dick moves to hand stand hold.
  • Once the rowing is complete, they all shout "Time".  Mission Complete.
Scoring: Score is total time or number of reps complete at 30 minutes.

Scaling: Substitute running at 400m for every 500m row (the math is crazy, just row).  Substitute  singles for Double Unders at 3:1.  Kettle Bell weight can be reduced to facilitate a full range of motion.  If you have a shoulder injury, consider the Russian swing or a one arm swing.

Skill:  Time to check our progress over the last month with a test!  We have worked wall walks, shoulder touches, partner assisted hand walks, and a few free style attempts.  Today we will put it all together with 3x attempt of max distance hand stand walking.  Without the wall, front hand spring yourself to the hand stand position and transfer that momentum into max distance.  Start over after each attempt and record your best effort.  Anything in the 300m range is "Heppner-ific".


Ross said...


Did this solo, well 1/3rd of it.
1500m row
300 DU
80KBS w/55lb DB

Time 19:42

FRACTURED Fran yesterday was good about 20 sec better than last time but tore but hands bad didn't prove to help my grip on DL.

Sean Carmody said...

Team RAMROD (Sean, Dennis, Suzanne): 26:20 (Rx)

Did Make-up Fractured Fran: 2:50 (Rx)