Jul 24, 2014

Friday 14.07.25

Team WOD "CHiPs"
1RFT, 2 Partners, 30min Time Cap

- 400m Run
- 200 Double Unders
- 400m Run
- 100 Air Squats
- 400m Run
- 80 Med Ball Cleans 20/14#
- 400m Run
- 60 Wall Balls 20/14#
- 400m Run
- 40 Lunges w/ Med Ball 20/14#
- 400m Run
- 20 Pistols
- 400m Run

Skill : Hand Stand Walk
2x 10 Shoulder Touches
2x 20m w/ Buddy Hold leg
2x 10m Hand Stand Walk

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard Team start times of 0600 & 0800. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Partners A & B will run together and partition the reps as equitable as possible.  One partner works while the other rests (no penalty or position to hold).  This WOD includes a 400m Run before and after every movement for a total run of 2800m.  The air squats should be fast without sacrificing form.  Hip crease below knee crease and full extension of the hips at the top.  Review the points of performance for the Med Ball Clean here.  Wall Balls require full range of motion like the air squat while hitting the 9 or 10' line with the center of the ball.  Lunges require the front leg to achieve parallel with the ground while maintaining the Med Ball lockout out overhead. Pistols can be done with the assistance of a plate.  Don't forget to run 400m between each movement.

Scoring: Score is total time or total number of reps complete in 30 minutes.

Scale: Substitute a 500m row for the 400m run. Reduce the weight of the med ball to 14/10# if needed for any event.  Pistols can be executed on a plate or holding onto the rig.

Skill: In order to prepare your shoulders for the transfer of weight during the walk, start off with 2x 10 shoulder touches (5 each shoulder).  Check out this video for details.  After the shoulder touches, do a wall walk, get inverted, and have a partner hold your feet as you walk out 20m.  After 2x successful attempts, try to get into a good handstand position without the wall and try again.


Helen Knight said...

gonna try to show up for the 800 grp

Ross said...


I was solo this AM, so I did a WOD from last week that I missed and looked fun.

18 Min AMRAP
200 m Run
15 OHS @95 lbs

9 Rds complete and just the start of the 10th run. Was able to do all rds unbroken on OHS.

Afterwards did some banded clean work.

Helen Knight said...

Me and mike busted time . Sorry mike these old knees won today. 31:38.