Jul 3, 2014

Friday 14.07.04

Track WOD "4-7-2014"
4x 7min AMRAP

AMRAP #1 : 100m Lunge & 100m Jog
rest 2:14
AMRAP #2 : 100m Bear Craw & 100m Jog
rest 2:14
AMRAP #3 : 100m Broad Jump & 100m Jog
rest 2:14
AMRAP #4 : 100m Sprints & 100m Jog

*Score is total # of straight segments

3x 20m Handstand Walks, partner assisted

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes.  Meet at 0800 at the Track (Corner of Cody & Biddle)

WOD: Happy 4th of July!  WEAR RED, WHITE, or BLUE.  Todays WOD is a tribute to the date itself. 4x 7min AMRAPs with 2:14 rest (7-4-2014).  We will also prove that you can get a good WOD without our precious Bubble or the equipment inside it. Meet at the track vicinity the yellow circle on the map below.  As a group, everyone begins at the same starting line.  During each AMRAP, Athlete will conduct the prescribed movements on the straight segments and jog (active recovery) along the corners for 7 minutes.  Rest for 2:14 and do the next AMRAP.  Your score is the total number of straight segments completed in each AMRAP.

AMRAP #1 : Lunges.  Don't slam your knees into the ground. Control your rate of descent while ensuring your lead leg achieves a 90 degree angle.  Repeat for 100m and jog the corners.

AMRAP #2 : Bear Craw.  Opposite hands and feet move together ensuring that 2 appendages remain in contact with ground at all times.  No "bent over running" with "spirit fingers" gently grazing the track.  Repeat for 100m and jog the corners.  Check out this video for a very serious explanation of a quadra-ped formation.

AMRAP #3 : Broad Jumps.  With your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the hips and knees to low squat position.  Swing our arms back and as your swing them forward ensure you jump as far forward as possible.  Repeat for 100m and jog the corners.  Check out this video for pointers.

AMRAP #4 : Sprints.  Run super fast for 100m and jog the corners.

Record your total number of straight segments on the big board, take a drink of water, and smile for the group photo.

Skill: 3x 20m Hand Stand Walks.  If you cannot do them on your own, that's okay.  This month we are working up to a max distance hand stand walk.  Grab a friend and let them hold your feet as you achieve and maintain your balance while walking 20m on your hands.  Switch and repeat 3 more times.  Check out this video for pointers.

Great Job 0800 Crew!

Bubble in Green, Meet at the Track Vicinity Yellow Circle


Sean Carmody said...

15.01 legs Rx (PR?)

Tara Kinney said...

Awesome turnout; Happy 4th!

Charles Lawrence said...

12.something...legs are unhappy today.