Jun 3, 2014

Wednesday 14.06.04

Main WOD
20min AMRAP

- 10 Deadlift (225/155)
- 20 Hand Release Push Ups
- 30 Air Squat
- 400m Row

Rest 5 minutes...

- 100 Double Unders for Time

L-Sits 1min / 45sec / 30 sec
Rest ratio 1:1

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630,1030. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: In this 20 minute AMRAP, we will balance explosive movements with steady movements as very active recovery.  The Deadlifts should be heavy, but executed in bulk.  Lower the weight if you find yourself doing singles.  Ensure full range of motion during the Hand Release Push Ups (chest to deck) and Air Squat (hips below knees).  Remember the order of operations for the Row : Leg drive, hip extension, Arm Pull.  Back off the pace in the last 50m to prepare your self for transition to deadlifts.  When time is up...rest 5 minutes and test your recovery by doing 100 Double Unders as fast as possible.

Scaling: Substitute Singles for Double Unders at 3:1.

Skill: The L-sit is a core isometric contraction exercise. It’s performed with both arms locked out at the sides (kept close to the torso at all times), then the athlete puts their legs straight on in front of them and holds that position for a certain amount of time.  Check out this video for tips and tricks for maintaining the hold.  Scale down by using tuck holds instead of feet pointed out.  Want to scale up, try using the rings...

Heads Up: Thursday's WOD is in the Pool...Prepare for Liquid Pain!!!


Sam Friend said...

4+50 Rx
I hate you, Deadlift!

Sam Friend said...

...oh, and 60 sec to do 100 Double Unders.

Ross said...


Started the morning taking 19 girls state delegates out with three of my new LTs.
200m run
10 chest to deck pushups.
Rest 1 min

Afterwards I attacked today's METCON solo
6 rds even, RX that sucked after my first morning workout. 1:45 on DU, thought I was going to go unbroken, but got a calf cramp on #68; had to break it up a bit after that.. but still very happy with my DU time.

Dan R. said...

4+50m row. Push ups were the toughest part for me.

Able to go unbroken with DU's for :51 time. L-sits afterward followed by 2 failed attempts at a MU.

Jimmy Chen said...

4+20ish. Big "thank you" to Cedric this afternoon for helping me out with the foam roller. There's nothing like watching your calf muscle slowly tense up into an epic cramp that makes you ponder mortality.


4+60 Rx... No double unders becausey rope got jacked...

Time to upgrade.