Jun 29, 2014

Monday 14.06.30

Main WOD
Time Trials

- 500m Row Max Effort

rest as needed

- 2km Row Max Effort

5min EMOM of 5x Strict Pull Ups

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 0800, and 1030. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD:  Rowing Day!  Bust out your log books and be prepared to write down 2x new personal records (PRs).  Recommend warming up with some air squats (helps leg drive), PVC deadlifts (helps hip opening), and 6# supine medicine ball throws (reinforce quick hands).  Then grab a rower, adjust your feet straps, and set the drag factor.  You will row 2 set pieces, 500m and 2km with as much rest as you need in between pieces.  To record the most exact time measurement, set the program monitor to count down the assigned distance.

Rowing Refresher: Rowing is a very natural motion and most people pick it up quickly. Have someone watch you row, comparing your body positions to those shown in this video.  You can also watch a demo video on your rower by selecting "Information" and "How to Row".

500m Row:  This is all out max effort WITH good technique of course.  Good rowers should be sub 1:40 while Great rowers should be sub 1:30.  This time trial will be come your baseline PACE to estimate your 2km row time and set a mental goal.

2km Row:  After an appropriate amount of rest (rower's choice), prepare yourself for another all out max effort for 2km.  Can you replicate your 500m PACE for 4 consecutive times throughout the 2km piece? NO YOU CANNOT. Think "sustained rate of fire" vs "max rate of fire".  Try this game plan below to help get you through the whole piece.
  • 1st  500 is PACE + 5 sec
  • 2nd 500 is PACE + 10 sec
  • 3rd 500 is PACE + 15 sec
  • 4th 500 is PACE + 5 sec
so... if I rowed a 1:30 during my max effort 500m, my 2km goal should be a 6:35
  • 1st  500 is 1:30 + 5 sec =   1:35  (1:35)
  • 2nd 500 is 1:30 + 10 sec = 1:40  (3:15)
  • 3rd 500 is 1:30 + 15 sec =  1:45  (5:00)
  • 4th 500 is 1:30 + 5 sec =    1:35  (6:35)
Rowing is just as much mental as it is physical...Have a plan!

Strength: In order to get stronger at pull ups, you must do them STRICT.  In order to focus on the strength of pulling up and NOT the skill of kipping, we will do a 5 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 5x strict pull ups.  If you cannot do 5, do 4... or scale down to jumping pull ups.  NO BANDS.  Although bands can be good tools, they are not very functional, unless you carry one around with you throughout the day.


Sean Carmody said...

1:39 / 7:54
Not PRs... ��

Dan R. said...

I think I would take a 2k row over a 500m sprint most days. It feels like I'm missing a lung when I get off the rower after a 500m sprint.

Ross said...


Sorry been off the board for over a week, I was on vacation, but also had a few new opportunities that really proved to be great learning points for me.

First off on the row
1:41 / 7:16 my old 2K was a 7:43.
Then EMOTM5 - 5 strict Pull ups.

The rest of this may get long winded so if you don't care or don't have time just stop now.

Being separated from a Box I don't get a lot of opportunity to discuss these things so forgive me..

First off, I did the qualifier for the Granite Games, not really thinking I would do great, but mostly to support the CF Beo Community down in Sioux City since they let me come down and do the Open workouts and let me hang out there a lot when work doesn't have me too busy.

Anyway I qualified for the Masters (40-44) Sectionals. That put me in a weird position, I was on vacation relaxing with family (fishing and drinking beer), and now oh crap, I have to find a box and video 4 workouts in a couple of days. I didn't plan on doing great in the Sectionals since workout two was Snatches and Pistols and Pistols Elude me but I thought I would do ok.

Workouts came up.
10 Min AMRAP
30 Wall Ball
7 C2B Pull-ups
I got a 136 - 49 below my goal and where I should have been was also the 4th WOD attempted in 24 hours.

8 Min AMRAP of the following cycle
16 Snatches (95lbs)
16 Alternating Leg Pistols
10 Snatches
10 Pistols
6 Snatches
6 Pistols
16,16,10, 10, 6, 6 you get the picture. Well only scored a 16, did 16 snatches in 45 sec and was done. I already knew I needed to work on pistols now Granite Games is driving home the point.

In 6 Min
200 DU
Burpee Box Jump Overs.
156, then 183 when I re-did it Sunday Morning. I really thought I would get in the 200-210 range. Forgot my rope for vacation and didn't do well on first attempt. Second Attempt was going much better with a set of 55 and a couple sets of 20+ but hit a wall and couldn't move after the 150 mark. I can do DU but they are inefficient the way I do them and a weekend of doing WODs took a toll on me.

4 Min @ 155 lbs of
3 Cleans
3 Jerks
2 Cleans
2 Jerks
1 Clean
1 Jerk
repeat until time expires.
I got a 50 on this and thought it was a pretty good score till I saw guys dropping in scores of 64+...

So I ended up in last place for the Men's Masters. A little hurt pride, but still great experience and further then I expected to get when i signed up just for fun.

The other great experience I had this weekend was sitting in on a Strength Seminar with Nick Scott (past regional athlete, regional team coach, and current programmer, coach of some top athletes - Former Owner of Fit 2 Fight). I would tell anyone who has the opportunity to attend, it was well worth the $30 and 8 hours.

Highlights were doing (Squat) Snatches (95lb) and (Squat)Cleans (135lb) with the addition of 2-20lb Chains on the bar, let me tell you, what a great tool for getting an athlete to see / feel their faults. Within 2-3 reps all of the attendees made significant improvement in foot speed and landing (full squat) positions. Also did cleans with bands on the bar - again a great tool for immediate feedback to the athlete and the added twist of the bands trying to rip the bar from your hands in the middle of the clean was nice. Ended up doing cleans with 135, plus a red band on each side doubled over (so somewhere around 255 lbs at top of clean around 155+ in the full squat). Anyway great tools and I couldn't believe how quickly it had me correcting faults I have had for years now.

finally, got to enjoy some new pain. the 88lb KBS. Great gut check WOD.

88lb KBS (fully overhead),
Max Effort in 2 min, then when two min is up, continue for time until total rep count reaches 50.
I scored a 40 (reps in two min) with a total time of 2:50 to get my 50 rep count. That 88 lb KB will hurt you if you have not swung it before.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings..


1:31.7 & 7:29.3

The wheels came off the bus during my 1000m-1500m and was never able to bring the pace back down.... Oh well, another day perhaps.

chris.m.rowe said...

1:54 / 8:08
Damper set to 10