Jun 1, 2014

Monday 14.06.02

Main WOD
"CrossFit Total"

- 1 Rep Max Back Squat
- 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press
- 1 Rep Max Dead Lift

*Combine all weights to get your CrossFit Total

Overhead Squat 3x3 at 95/65#

HAM Hip Mobility Drill

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630,1030. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: A classic WOD that will give everyone a benchmark. Find two other partners and share some weight.  Spend 5-10 minutes warming up prior to each lift and work your way up to that 1 rep max in each event.  Buddy teams should be motivating as well as ensuring safety and good technique.  Points of performance are listed below.

Back Squat- hip width stance, toes pointed out, weight not sitting directly on upper spine but just below, engage the posterior chain by pressing through heels.  Ensure full range of motion at the bottom (hips crease below knee crease) and top (full extension of knees and hips).

Press- Heels under hips, elbows slightly in front of bar, head neutral, bar remains in frontal plane, constant tightness in midsection, active shoulders throughout movement, move the head out of the way when weight is going up.  Ensure full range of motion at the bottom (bar resting on the chest) and the top (full extension of the elbows with active shoulders).

Deadlift- Shoulders slightly in front of bar, weight in heels, lumbar curve maintained, head in neutral position, hips and shoulders rise at the same time, bar stays in contact with legs throughout movement.  Ensure full range of motion at the top (full extension of hips and knees) and bottom (bar resting on ground).

Add up all your scores and compare your CrossFit Total to the recommended lift chart here.

Skill:  After the WOD, lets work some active shoulders using the Overhead Squat. Focus on technical aspects of the movement and NOT the weight.  Remain in your buddy teams and ensure each Athlete adhears to the points of performance (active shoulders, bar in frontal plane).  Remember our glide path to fast & heavy: Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity

Mobility Work: Try out the HAM Hip Mobility Drills from Mountain Athlete Strength & Conditioning. The movement includes Lunge, Hip Drop, Pidgeon Pose, Frog Pose, Squat Position, and Duck Walk.  Then repeat with alternate leg. The hip's ability to traverse their full range of motion will improve your life in many ways. They are the fulcrum upon which most activity depends. Treat them well and reduce your chance of injury.  As with any new movement, do them slow and under the supervisions of a buddy.


Ross said...

First day back after a week vacation in the mountains were my workouts consisted of fishing and family hikes.

BS 385
Press 205
DL 425 -20 labs off last total but must didn't feel right to go any higher.
Total -1015

Jimmy Chen said...

Total score did not really increase from my last one (back in February, I think). Just a measly 645.

On the plus side, I did get the honor of coaching Bria for the 0630 crew. It was a gratifying experience being able to relay your knowledge and seeing folks develop!


790 total (335 DL, 145 SP, 310 BS)

Need to focus on my shoulder press...sad

Dan R. said...

795 total (305BS, 145SP, 345DL)
#305 BS looks pretty awesome on the bar when all you have are a bunch of #25-35 plates.

Ricky C said...

885 (305BS, 175SP, 405DL)