Jun 1, 2014

June Programming Notes

Lets all the thank Carlos for a Great May... Josh has got the lead for June. 
About the Programmer: My name is 1LT Josh Lawler, I am a registered nurse here on Fort Leavenworth. I have been actively CrossFitting for 7 years, working with IMCF since February 2013, and became a Level 1 Trainer last September. My training philosophy is that the human body can and should be trained and ready to accept all moments of stress (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Simulated moments of stress (provided by CrossFit) are fantastic opportunities to develop the body, mind and soul for real moments of danger.

June Goals: My goal for this month is ensure all athletes experience at least one new thing, break one record, or learn one lesson they did not know last month.

What to Expect: I programmed this month utilizing the training template located in the Level 1 CF Trainer handbook. New movements from Rob Shaul of Military Athlete are incorporated through HAM Hip Mobility, HUG Hip Mobility and one exercise called “Curtis P.” The program is varied, building on success of previous movements, while eliminating redundancy across multiple modalities. I also used Hero WODs, a couple “Girl WODs” and some benchmarks for Athletes to assess their place in Crossfit. I hope everyone finds the month interesting and exciting.

Feedback: Any recommendations on how to better incorporate new movements, scale weights, or organize movements are greatly appreciated. Please send questions, comments, concerns to ironmajorcrossfit@gmail.com and we will get you an answer in 48 hours. 

Please enjoy!

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