Jun 29, 2014

July Programmer Notes

Lets all the thank Josh L. for a Great June...

Rob K. has got the lead for July. 
About the Programmer: My name is MAJ Rob Kinney and I am an Artillery Officer assigned to SAMS Class 15-01.  I have been doing the CrossFit for about 3 years, working with IMCF since July 2013.  I am a CF Level 1 Trainer, Movement & Mobility Trainer, and CF Rowing Instructor.  I believe a good training program is rooted in general physical preparedness (GPP) augmented by skill and strength work (targeting your weaknesses for improvement).

July Goals: I want to welcome the new CGSOC Class 15-01 by introducing numerous benchmark WODs (mostly "Girl" WODs) and encourage everyone to keep a log book of times, weights, and personal records (PRs).  If you are not recording your progress, how do you know if CrossFit is or is not working?

What to Expect: The program is constantly varied ensuring a total body blast throughout the month.  After each WOD, we will focus on developing a skill or strength.  We will develop our Deadlifts, Shoulder Press, Strict Pull Ups, Pistols, and Hand Stand Walks each week.  As always, Fridays are Team WODs at 0600 in the Bubble, except for 4th of July (see below).

4th of July:  The Bubble is closed on Friday, but do not worry.  We will meet at the track at 0800 to get our sweat on!  Where something red, white, and blue.

Feedback: Any recommendations on how to better incorporate new movements, scale weights, or organize movements are greatly appreciated. Please send questions, comments, concerns to ironmajorcrossfit@gmail.com and we will get you an answer in 48 hours.

Are your Ready?!?... 3, 2, 1, Go!


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