Jun 26, 2014

Friday 14.06.27

Team WOD
18min AMRAP, 2 Person Teams

- 200m Sprint
- AMRAP Thrusters 45/35#

Max Height Box Jump

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550 & 1020.

WOD: With a continuously running clock counting to 18 minutes, 2 partners will conduct 6x 3 minute rounds for total count of Thrusters. At the start, Partner “A” runs 200 meters, while Partner B rests. When Partner A returns from the run, Partner “B” will perform AMRAP Thrusters in whatever time remains in the first 3 minute block. When 3:00 hits the clock, Partners switch roles.  Partner B immediately runs 200m while partner A rests.  When partner B returns, Partner “A” performs AMRAP Thrusters with whatever time remains in the second 3 minute block.  Repeat until clock hits 18 minutes.  Score is total reps of Thrusters.

  • Running.  The faster you run, the more time our partner has to do Thrusters. 

  • Thrusters. Full ROM, especially because we are working with a light weight.  Achieve full extension overhead at the top, full depth below parallel at the bottom. Stable midline throught the movement, connect the bar in a front rack on the way down -- treat every rep like it was a heavy mamma-jamma.
Scaling: Scale the bar weight to a training bar or PVC Pipe.  Reps remain the same. 

Skill:  Safely achieve your max height box jump by using the soft boxes.  Get a group together and start a "Conga Line to Greatness."


Sean Carmody said...

Sean and Steph: 243
Sean: 48" BJ
Steph: 33" BJ

Dan R. said...

I think Justin and I were at 312 this morning.

Made it on the 42" box. Loved the enthusiasm this morning.


126 Rx (solo)

45" box jump (pr)

Good times