May 27, 2014

Wednesday 14.05.28

Main WOD

- 10 Muscle Ups
- 100 Push Press (75/45)
- 1000m Row

- 3x3 Push Jerk @ 65% of 1 Rep Max

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 1030. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Watch Rich Fronning knock this out in 6:46.   Chalk up and power through those Muscle Ups.  Although the Push Press is light, the work load is high.  Do not sacrifice your points performance for speed.  Focus on that aggressive transition from dip to drive while ensuring no forward inclination of the torso during the dip.  Full extension of hips and lock out at the top with active shoulders.  During your row, try and maintain a 1:50 or below (you'll be done in 3:40).  Remember the order of operations: drive the legs, extend the hips, pull handle to chest.

Strength: Recommend hitting the strength portion first.  The WOD will feel a whole lot lighter and keep you mentally in the game longer.  Remember the points of performance for the Push Jerk.  Ensure your hips reach full extension prior to initiating the second dip.  Land in a partial squat with the bar locked out overhead while being aggressive throughout.


Sam Friend said...

14:13 Rx
I was going to scale the MUs... But Rob subtly talked me into doing them. I'm glad I did. Sometime you surprise yourself.


14:42 Rx wit hthe 0545 Crew

Muscle Ups were the best part of the WOD today. I couldnt catch Sam on the Push Presses...

P.s. Dont forget our additional WOD times of 0630 & 1030.

Jimmy Chen said...

Rich Froning did this in 6:46?? *pssh* Real mortals do this in 14:58!

All kidding aside, I have to echo Sam's sentiment regarding MUs. Apparently, I *can* string more than three together. That is, until my shoulder decided to quit. Only got six MUs before realism took over and had to sub CTBs to round out the set.

Also, thanks to Charles for the tips on the row, (and to show me how to use the timer). I also appreciate Sam for the opportunity to take charge of the 0630 crew. It's a very different perspective being the guy who has to talk movement standards vs. just doing the WOD!

Dan R. said...

11:40 with C2B. Felt the soreness today from the MURPH wod Monday. Today's wod seemed to work that out.