May 20, 2014

Wednesday 14.05.21

Main WOD: Viking Fran

1000m Row
21 Thrusters (95/65#)
21 Pull Up
750m row
15 Thrusters
15 Pull Up
500m Row
9 Thruster
9 Pull Up  

3x Max Effort Double Unders

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Thought "Fran" was the worst?  Meet "Viking Fran.” This workout is really fun to tell others about, but less fun to execute.  Expect this WOD to go 10 minutes longer than your normal Fran time.  The addition of rowing will pre-tax your legs prior to Thrusters.  Therefore, taper your effort on the last 100m to prepare yourself for the next movement.  For Thrusters, if you can't go unbroken (probably wont after the row), have a rep scheme for each round. Pull ups may also require rep scheme to power through it.

Scaling:  Several options to scale.  Reduce the row distance in half.  Reduce the rep scheme to 15-12-9.  Reduce the weight to 65/45#. Substitute pull ups with jumping or banded pull ups.  Plenty of ways to smoke yourself.  Ensure that your method of "scaling" is not intentional "bias" against a movement that causes you to struggle.  The struggle is where we grow.

Skill: Spend 5-10 minutes to achieve your max unbroken set of Double Unders.  If you are still working through the "lashings of obedience," check out this video for some uncommon common sense from Chris Spealler.


Nick Talbot said...

This looks awesome as long as there are no bloodwings involved!

Ross said...


My adventures today landed me at CrossFit Regeneration Southwest in Louisville, KY, great little box, very friendly community, daily bible verse to start workout..

2x2 @315
4x1 @335

2 Min Max Effort Thrusters @95 lbs - 40
1 Min Rest
2 Min Max Effort Pullups - 40
1 Min Rest
2 Min Max Effort Snatch @ 95 - 20 (no grip left)
1 Min Rest
2 Min Max Effort HRPU - 40
Total - 140 reps (40, 40, 20, 40)

Going to have to pay tribute to my Norse Heritage with Viking Fran at another time...

Dan R. said...

15:59-was chasing Nick and Sam all morning but couldn't keep up. I'm pretty sure Nick did the Fran part unbroken. Nice work. Also nice to see Scott back in the bubble.

Sam Friend said...

15:53 Rx
Whenever I beat Dan, I know I've had a good workout. (Or was he just making me feel better about myself?). Also, good to see Scott.

Nick Talbot said...

15:30 Rx

Dan -- the adversary row setup was awesome, you and I were exiting the row at just about the same place each time. Kept me from resting too long while I was contemplating the thrusters!

Wish I was unbroken, lol; went 11/10; 8/7; 9.

Ricky C said...

16:45. I saw the times, then watched helplessly as they ticked off the clock as I pulled valiantly on the rower. Great work today people. Good to see you again Scott!