May 19, 2014

Tuesday 14.05.20

Main WOD:
20 min AMRAP

-200m Run
-10 Full Clean & Jerk (135/95)

5x3+1 of Clean + Jerk @ 80% (Touch & Go)

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: The intent if this AMRAP is to practice good technique while training under duress.  The run is short and included as active recovery for your legs in between the Full Cleans.   Ensure you are achieving proper depth at the bottom of your Full Cleans (hip crease below knee crease).  Remember to lock out the those elbows with active shoulders at the top of your Jerk. Pace yourself throughout the movement, 200m may not be enough time/distance to rest for your next round if you burn through too quickly.

Strength: Who just had flashbacks of parabolic equations???  The rep scheme for this Clean Complex is 5 sets of 3 Cleans in which the last Clean includes a Jerk (+1).  The barbell shouldn’t be released during the Cleans until after the Jerk (touch and go through the Cleans). You can use any kind of jerk (power or split).    Scale the weight to ensure proper technique throughout the movement and attempt to go unbroken through each set.


Ross said...


Still on road another work out at CF Como small group didn't have anyone with me to keep pushing me after S2OH.

Bench press 5x5@225

30 S2OH @95lb
800m Row
40 Wall Balls 20lb @10ft
RX @ 6:04

Sam Friend said...

5 rds Rx
I got my 10th Jerk of the 5th round with 4 sec to spare then crumpled to the floor. That was a serious workout. I attempted the 5x3+1 at 165, but only got 2 sets before I was afraid I'd blackout on a clean and hurt myself.

Jacob Heppner said...

Ross, Crossfit CoMo in Columbia MO??

Slept was glorious.

Jimmy Chen said...

Blacking out from a clean, Sam?? That just sounds metal.

Okay, in all seriousness...5 rds (95#) with 8 C+J. Missed 6 rds by a few seconds, but then again, after scraping my knuckles on the bar during practice rds and trying not to bleed all over the place, I think it went pretty well!

Ross said...

Jacob, yes my brother is a coach there, on a road trip for work so I worked it out to spend a night here and hit a couple wods there and have dinner with him and the fam, on the road again today looking for a box in Louisville, ky

Jacob Heppner said...


Thats awesome! They had a regional athlete come out of there, Dylan Kelly. I was at that gym two weekends ago. Met the owners, good folks.

Dan R. said...

4 rounds + 4 C&J Rx. Lots of people laying on the ground after this one. Did 2 sets of the 5x3+1 work @ #135 and modified the last set to hang cleans.


4 + 8 Rx.

This is the first WOD where I wished the run was longer... My bar was covered with either sweat or tears at the end...

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Meghan Smith said...

4+2CJ. Scaled to 70# to practice getting under the bar. I'm disappointed to see how much squat I've lost after several months of minimal lifting while training for my 1/2.