May 28, 2014

Thursday 14.05.29

Main WOD: Jump Cindy Jump
20min AMRAP

- 25 Double Unders
- 5 Pull Ups
- 10 Push Ups
- 15 Air Squat

- 3 x 3 Snatch pulls @ 110% of 1RM

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545, 0630, 1030. Warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Pick out your favorite pull up bar and keep your rope nearby.  This version of "Cindy" includes a manageable amount of Double Unders to keep your heart rate up and your frustrations low.  Try and minimize your transition times by doing push ups and air squats underneath your bar. 

Scaling:  Substitute Singles for Double Unders at 3:1.  Modify the pull ups to your appropriate skill level.

Strength: Working the snatch pulls will help you to get that ne PR you always wanted. Utilize the hook grip and focus on speed through the middle.  Check out this video for more details on the snatch pull.


Sam Friend said...

13+30 Rx
Nice spin on Cindy.

Jacob Heppner said...

First Day of Crossfit Invictus Programming!

Warm up: 3 rounds of 10x Triple Unders, 3x free standing HSPU

Then, Row 5K

Then, 18 EMOTM
Minute 1: 20x DU + 5x Bar MU
Minute 2: 8x Deficit (2 inches) strict HSPU
Minute 3: 7x Strict Ring Pullup (to sternum)

Dan R. said...

16+28 Rx. Think I'll take 25 DU's/round over a #20 vest any day.


"Nice spin on Cindy,"

oh Sam, you and your puns...

Jimmy Chen said...

12 rds. Shoulders were *burning* during the WOD, most likely due to MUs. Definitely lookin' at some pool time tomorrow!