May 8, 2014


Missed your chance to buy a sweatshirt in December?  Jealous of all that sweet IMCF gear floating around?  Here is your chance (last chance CGSC 14-01) to leave with a CUSTOM MADE sweatshirt.  Details Below.

3 Styles : Pullover Hoodie - Zipper Hoodie - Zipper Jacket

Available Sweatshirt Colors per Style

Post questions or comments to

Prices. The Pullover Hoodie is $18.00. The Zipper Hoodie is $22.00. The Zipper Jacket is $28.00.

Selections.  All sweatshirts have the American flag on the front and the IMCF logo on the back.  There are three styles of sweatshirts.  Color is limited based on the style of sweatshirt (see above chart).  Text is either black or white.  Different sizes available from Small - XLarge.  Ask around for Sizes...should be a couple examples in the bubble to look at.

Payment.  Checks only.  Make it out to "Big Frog".
Ordering Window.  Starting Tomorrow thru Wednesday, bring your checks to the bubble or the L&CC Cafeteria and give it to either Kwame, Justin, or Rob.  They will have an order form (sample below) for you to provide style, color, text, size, and quantity.  Order Times Below:
  • Friday. Bubble: 0530-0700  or L&CC Cafeteria: 1230-1330
  • Monday. Bubble: 0530-0700  or L&CC Cafeteria: 1230-1330
  • Tuesday.  Bubble: 0530-0700  or L&CC Cafeteria: 1230-1330
  • Wednesday. Bubble: 0530-0700 

Delivery.  Plan on picking up your gear the week after Memorial Day (2 week turn around).  We will put out specific times as we get closer, but plan on three morning and afternoon windows in the Bubble.

Example Information Needed on Order Form.


Tara Kinney said...

A few of us will be there at 10:30 if you'd like to join us!!

Bethany Jessee said...

I don't think I would be able to make it to the bubble during those times. Could I possible write down all the information you need and give it to Tara to give to you?


Tara is gonna start taking orders at 1030 in the bubble to get more opportunities for the people... You are in luck!