May 18, 2014

Monday 14.05.19

Main WOD : The Bear Complex
5 Rounds NOT for Time*

1 Round = 7 Sets:
- 1 Power Clean
- 1 Front Squat
- 1 Push-Press
- 1 Back Squat
- 1 Push-Press

*Starting weight is 95/65#
**Add 10# per round

Muscle Up Progression

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

WOD: Watch this video for demonstration and recommended rest positions throughout the Bear Complex.  All movements are intended to be unbroken in 7 sequential sets.  7 sets of the above list equals one round.  5 total rounds equals one complete Bear Complex workout. Rest in between rounds and add weight, working up to your heaviest during the final round.  Recommended starting weight is 95/65 # and the recommended increases is 10 pounds.  However, add as mush or as little weight to ensure your 5th round is your heaviest.

Scaling: Form over Weight! The limiting movement in this complex will probably be the push press.  If the staring weight is outside your threshold, start at a lower weight.  Do not continue to add weight once you reach your threshold weight.  Continue to execute all the movements, even if the weight is reduced to a naked bar or PVC pipe.

Skill Work: Watch perennial CrossFit Competitor, Jason Kalipha, demonstrate every MU progressions in this video.   Grab a trainer and show them where you are at on the road to Muscle Ups.  Pick a focus area and spend 15 minutes getting better.


Jacob Heppner said...

Back Squat 3x7 @ 345#
1x 385#

Deadlift: 2x385, 2x435, 1/1 x 455

Sled push/pull for 5 rounds.

Calf still bothering me from Regionals. 36485854 195

Sam Friend said...

Started at 75 and made it up to 115. For my first time with the Bear, I felt good. I'll definitely go up 10 or so on my next meeting.

Sadr City King said...

Good to be back in after baby and surgery. Worked to 135 with Ricky. Good day! Charles


105# complete. Failed at 115#.

Damn the Bear!!!

Jimmy Chen said...

First time with the Bear - started with PVC pipe to make sure I wasn't going to hurt myself. Big thanks to Jason for the great tip re: the small hop to readjust your grip from the front rack position after the squat to a full grip going into the push press. Couldn't consistently pull off a single round with 95#, so I settled for just the bar.

Will see how I've improved with the Bear in the future...

Dan R. said...

Started Bear complex at #75 and ended at #115. Worked on muscle up progression afterward.

Tara Kinney said...

Made it to 95#; 105# would have been ugly!

Ross said...

On the road this week, hit CF Como tonight for a WOD and to hang out with my brother.

Time 6:45 RX

Kroells said...

95 progessing to 135. Had to spend a few seconds in the High Back position resting on the last couple rounds but knocked it out unbroken. Always a fan of the Bear. He should come to visit more often.