May 4, 2014

May Notes

May Programming Will Help!!!
Programming: Thanks to Sam for a great month of programming in April. Carlos Zayas is on the hook for May's programming.  Muscle Ups anyone??!?!?
Congrats:  Congratulations to everyone who passed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course last week!

Memorial Day Weekend: We will be hosting Murph and 21 Guns WOD on 26MAY from 0830-1030 in the Bubble. Check out "News & Announcements" for details. Will need help with set up, personnel flow, and scaling on the day of...volunteer opportunities through website too.
Next On-Ramp: Looking at 31 May in order to give CGSC 14-01 one last opportunity to "get right with their workouts." Help get the word out.

Sweatshirts: Justin & Kwame are going to help spear head this initiative.  Order window will start late next week (checks only) and intend to issue week of Memorial Day. Details to follow in a subsequent posting.

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