May 1, 2014

Friday 14.05.02

Support Team Jacob WOD (The CrossFitter...not the Werewolf)
In 2 person teams, 20 minute AMRAP

- 50 Overhead Squats (75/55)
- 100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
- 100 Double Unders
- 500m Row

Post loads and results to

Coach's Notes. Standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550.  Additional WOD times at 0900, 1200, and 1630!!!

Jacobs Road to Regionals: To show our support for Jacob, there will be a fundraiser WOD on 2 May in lieu of our Friday Team WOD.  No cost to participate in the WOD, but direct donations to Team Jacob are encouraged.  The road to Regionals is paved with expenses, so clean out your couch cushions and support our favorite Regionals athlete! 

Team WOD: Only one partner works at a time. The team may distribute the work however it wishes. There is no requirement that the teammates do equal work. One barbell and one kettlebell per team. Mixed-gender teams may use two barbells and two kettlebells.

Special Note: This WOD was designed for (and partly by) Susan as a parting gift from the programmer at our first Box. I am programming this for her Birthday… well, a little early, but a Birthday Gift to her.  Happy Birthday!  


Ross said...

Anyway for those of us who are remote to donate?

Allan Jackman said...

I'm with Ross, can we PayPal?

Susan Friend said...

Ross & Allan,

Jacob will be happy to hear that you'd like to make a donation. I'll put you in touch with him directly so that you can make arrangements. Thanks for your support!

Sam Friend said...

I worked with Kwame. We got 2 rounds plus 50 OHS and 25 KBS. That was a lot of leg fatigue, but felt great afterward. Great support for Jacob and happy b-day Susan.

Susan Friend said...

If anyone would like to contribute remotely to Jacob's trip to regionals, please Paypal him directly at

Thank you!

Also, thanks for the b-day gift, Sam. The WOD was a complete surprise and great fun to relive. Meg and I got 2 Rounds plus 45 OHS, thanks to her fabulous double unders!

It was heart warming to see so many familiar faces come out this morning to support Jacob.

Ross said...


THanks for the info for Pay Pal

Not WOD for me today, I pulled a hammy playing football this morning..

Nick Talbot said...

Vic and I logged in 1 round + 50OHS, 100KBs, 100D/Us, and 218m... primarily due to my complete lack of ability to do double unders (we're talking sets of 1, 2, 3, etc...)

time to attack the weakness!

Also, glad to see the paypal address and I totally spaced on dropping funds in the bucket this morning!

Allie Scott said...

1200 WOD was Rob and me. We attempted this as a solo WOD and it was slllooow going at round two.

I got in 1 round and thru 47 KBS, Rx.

Thanks for allowing the community to come together for each other! And happy Birthday Susan.

opu shaon said...

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