Apr 29, 2014

Wednesday 14.04.30

Main WOD

- 1 Squat Clean
- 1 Front Squat
- 1 Hang Squat Clean
- 3 Front Squats
- 12 Burpees
- 24 Double Unders

Option 1: 155/105 and unbroken DUs (any trip up and you go back to ZERO!)
Option 2: 115/75

Optional Skill Work
Toes to Bar – Max Effort Toes to bar in 3 attempts

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: Looks like just a few reps at a glance, but this one will sneak up on you in round 3… You’ve got basically 6 Front Squats each round with a couple of Cleans to get the bar in position for the Front Squats. Just don’t drop the bar after the first Clean or you’ll need to do it again. The first Clean is a full Squat Clean, so get the hip crease below the knee. The Hang Squat Clean should start from above the knees. You’ll be relying on a strong shrug.

Option one has another teaser for the overachievers… Think you can go unbroken for 24 Double Unders? Put your money where your mouth is and got back to Zero if you don’t go unbroken. 24 in a row or none at all.

Optional Skill Work: Bust out your best Toes to Bar streak ever. If you want to work on other hanging movements, this would be a good time. Knees to Elbows, strict Toes to Bar (where you only bend at the hip), or even L-sits all develop the core in similar ways.


Jimmy Chen said...

Holy Revenge of the Barbell, Batman! This WOD was even more deceptive than most, since I lost steam in the middle of Round #3. Still managed to finish around the 12:00-13:00 mark, but I'm left with walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame sans church bell and the cool, talking gargoyles.

On a more serious note, though, many thanks to Charles for the TTB pointers. Will definitely work to incorporate them in a future WOD.


15:52 Rx (Opt 1)

Thanks to Susan for shaming me into the heavy weight class...

It felt good to push the limit today.


Ross said...


Great workout.. Awesome twist on the whole DU all or nothing thing. I mentally let that defeat me, I was so worried about not having to redo any DUs that I paced the Burpees probably too much, but I did make it through the Bar work unbroken @155 and didn't have to restart any DU attempts so I was happy.

Time - 13:53 RX

Allan Jackman said...

From JBLM:
I finished 16:40 with opt 1, the other guy finished 14:20 with opt 1. Squats still drain me. The goal was to not let the bar drop, but it happened transitioning from the rack to the hang, lost my grip. Good combination of heavier squats and some gymnastic movements.

Dan R. said...

u10:54 with #135. Went unbroken on DU's until #22 of last set. That's demoralizing to start over. Worked TTB afterward.

Great job with programming this month Sam.

leighgust said...
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EJ Gust said...

Another great WOD. Thanks Sam!

Oleksii Tsariuk said...

10.45 with 135# all du unbroken