Apr 15, 2014

Wednesday 14.04.16

Main WOD
3 Rounds For Time:

- 15 Deadlifts
- 20 Pushups*
- 25 Sit Ups*
- 200m Run

*Option 1: 245/165
- Any 1 round of PUs do Wall Climbs
- Any 1 round of SUs do GHD
Option 2: 185/125
- No subbing required

Optional Skill Work
Turkish Get Up – 5 minute EMOM of 2x TGUs (heaviest possible)
Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: As I’ve mentioned before, Deadlifting is important. It causes a great neuroendocrine response, as well. Again, we are going for a higher rep scheme, so plan your weight accordingly. In Option 1, I put a little teaser for the overachievers: in just one of the rounds, do 20 Wall Climbs, instead of 20 Push Ups; and in one of the rounds (not necessarily the same round), do 25 GHD Sit Ups. They can be done in any round.

Optional Skill Work: The Turkish Get Up is great for core and shoulder strength and stability, coordination, and mobility. Check out this link for more on those benefits. Do a few TGUs at lower weight, building up to a working weight. Then start the clock for a 5 minute EMOM, doing 2 TGUs per minute.


Sam Friend said...

14:23 with 185 and the wallclimbs/GHD. On the 5th wallclimb I knew I made a mistake.

Jimmy Chen said...

10:28 with option #2. You know it's bad when you look forward to the run and not the deadlifts.

Ross said...


Bad day today, wiped out on the run for PT, smoked my hand on the pavement, just felt sluggish and unmotivated after PT - still hit the gym for the WOD felt like everything was slow motion.

I did a combo of options 1 and 2, I didn't sub any wall climbs or GHD - just Chest to deck PU and ABMAT SU - but did my DLs at 245.
Time - 9:41

Ross said...

Just a note of interest.
I just signed up.

CF BEO in Sioux City (4 hours north of you) will host a CF Movement and Mobility course on Sat 12 July. This hasn't hit the HQ site yet, but here is the link for registration.


Dan R. said...

So I had a bit of a guilty, unfaithful feeling when I ditched Sam's WOD and did a rowing clinic with Rob this morning. Thanks Rob for your time and knowledge with the row this morning. If anyone gets the chance, I would definitely recommend doing a rowing clinic with Rob. Got some good pointers on improving my form, but I think now knowing how to set up any rower for me is really beneficial. Not to mention the price is right for the clinic.