Apr 28, 2014

Tuesday 14.04.29

Main WOD

- 21 Power Snatches
- 9   Pullups
- 15 Power Snatches
- 15 Pullups
- 9   Power Snatches
- 21 Pullups

Option 1: 95/65 in round of 21; 115/75 in round of 15; 135/95 in round of 9; and Chest to Bar Pullups
Option 2: 75/55 in round of 21; 95/65 in round of 15; 115/75 in round of 9

Optional Strength Work
Strict Press – 5x70%, 5x80%, 3x85%, 2x90%, 1x100%, then go for a new Max

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: Everyone loves the 21/15/9 format, right? Lets do it with a twist… Start from top to bottom or bottom to top… your choice. Then change the weights each time you step up to the bar. For the Pullup lovers in the audience, step up your game with Chest to Bar Pullups.

Optional Strength Work: Time to see what our strength work has done. See if you can achieve your max… or exceed it today.


Sam Friend said...

12:24 option 1.2 (scaled the round of 9 to 115 after failing the 5 the snatch at 135)
Did not feel strong in the press today, so no new PR.

Ross said...


Loved this WOD but man my lunges were burning and I only had to move 10 feet from the platform to the PU Bars.

7:58 RX with Option 1.

Press work
Tried 205 - NOPE got it up but cheated from the strict form rocked up on the toes trying to get off the high rack position.

Dan R. said...

10:54 option 2 (scaled last round to #95).
Also stepped out of my comfort zone, with the nudging from Sam, to run the 0545 group brief. Never thought I would be able to talk about a complex movement like the snatch to a group of experienced lifters. Good experience overall. Too bad I didn't execute anything I talked about.