Apr 27, 2014

Training Opportunity : Short Suspense

USAW Olympic Lifting.  AFB is hosting a USAW Olympic Lifting Cert next weekend (3-4 May) in Bellevue, NE. Deadline to register is Monday night.

This is a great professional development course for coaches and athletes as well as an opportunity to increase the knowledge of the Olympic lifts.  Coach Whitney Rodden is the lead instructor for the course. She has several years' experience as a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level.

To register for the course please visit the USA-Weightlifting page here then select the sport and performance tab, scroll down and select Offutt AFB on 3-4 May.

Level 1 Certification Update.   IMCF hosted 60 athletes this weekend for training from CrossFit HQ.  This two day event included formal briefs, small group practical exercises, 2x WODs and culminated with a written exam.  Members of our IMCF Team and the Fort Leavenworth area comprised over half the seminar group.

Seek these people out...they were just trained by the best!  Now put them to work...

CF Level 1 Training Course - IMCF Spring


Sadr City King said...

Congratulations to the L1 awardees. Take all of the knowledge you learned this weekend and apply to improving the lives of others. Charles

Allie Scott said...

Awesome class - awesome trainers - awesome IMCF representation. This is why I love the crossfit community.

Congratulations to all.


Jimmy Chen said...

Congrats new L1 trainers! Now go forth and share your newfound knowledge to others.