Apr 16, 2014

Thursday 14.04.17

Main WOD

- Overhead Squats
- Pull Ups

*50 Double Unders BETWEEN rounds (200 total)

Option 1: 95/65 and Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Option 2: 75/55 and Regular Pull Ups

Optional Strength Work
Clean and Jerk – 10 minutes to establish a 1RM


- 5 minute EMOM 2x Hang Power Cleans (70-75%)
Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: Have you figured out yet that I love the benefits of Overhead Squats?... and pullups are just cool. Focus on an upright chest and active shoulders… push that weight away from you as high as you can.

For this WOD, we are doing Double Unders between rounds, so no DUs after the last round of 15. Scale three Singles for every Double. You have the two Options on Rx weights and types of PUs… or combine the Options for lighter weight, but C2B PUs. Scale as necessary.

Optional Strength Work:Warm up with a few lighter weight Squat Cleans and Jerks, then find your 1RM. Here’s a great video from the US Olympic Team on the Clean and Jerk.


Work on Hang Power Cleans with 2 Hang Power Cleans every minute on the minute for 5 minutes at 70-75% of that 1RM. The Hang position starts above the knee, works the second pull, and is more difficult then from the ground as you loose the power in the first pull.


Jacob Heppner said...

3 Rounds of:
10x Burpees to 4" platform
10x T2B
10x Box Jumps 30 inches
rest 2 minutes btw rounds

15 minutes to work up to HVY Snatch

"Fat-Manda" : 9-7-5 of MU and SQT SN (185#)

Sam Friend said...

13:51 (option 1)
Unbroken on OHS... But train wreck on the rest.

Dan R. said...

11:20 (option 1 plus 50 DU's since I don't follow directions well.) Chest to bars were definitely my weakness on this WOD.

Worked clean and jerks to #165, failed 2x @ #185. Very humbling experience.

Hang power clean work @ #135.

Ross said...


worked on some BJs up to the 38" mark. then struggled with HS Walks.

12:39 - Option 1 with the 50 DUs between round, DUs held me up alot especially in the second round. Unbroken on OHS.

C&J only got to 225lbs ran out of clock, my best is a 245, not sure I would have hit that today pretty beat from WOD.

2x Hang Cleans 5 min EMOTM @175 probably a little light, should have been closer to 185 or 190.