Apr 2, 2014

Thursday 14.04.03

Main WOD

Front Squat
*25 Situps BETWEEN rounds (100 total)

Option 1: 155/105 and strict HSPUs
Option 2: 135/95 and deficit pushups (45/25)

Optional Strength Work
Back Squat – 5x40%, 5x50%, 3x60%, 5x65%, 5x75%, 5x85%

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3, 2, 1...Go!

Main WOD: This is a total of 45 repetitions of Front Squats… so choose a weight that you can sustain with decent form. The Front Squat requires you to focus on keeping your body upright, since the weight tries to pull you forward. While keeping the weight in your heals, keep your elbows high and hands relaxed. That will help your chest stay high and maintain a good lumbar curve. You can Power Clean the weight then set up for the Front Squats. Or you can Squat Clean the bar off the ground to count as a Front Squat.

You have a choice of pushups, as well as weight. If you can do 45 HSPUs, I’d love to witness it. If not try the deficit pushups, by getting a couple of 45 or 25 pound plates to put your hands on. Touch your chest to the floor between the plates before raising  your body up to full extension again. And don’t forget to grab an Ab Mat for 25 situps between rounds.

Optional Strength Work:  Good ole Back Squats. See Rippetoe explain how to do them at the link below.  The first three sets are warmup sets, but you should always do air squats and squats with the naked bar in your warmup as well. 

Rippetoe explains the Back Squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kawBY5p29fQ">Mark


Sam Friend said...

8:27 (opt 2)
A good sized group at 0545, but only one at 0630. I hope you were enjoying a well deserved rest. My philosophy on rest and active recovery is about listening to your body and it's needs. I will give you five days of solid WODs in the week. You decide when to take your rest and recovery days... Or just bust out the five days and rest on the weekend. Whatever you do, it is nice to see the all out effort given during the WODs.

Ross said...


Option 1 but I scaled with kipping HSPU

Time 18:14


Andy said...

18:59, option 1 modified with BATF sub for pushups. Turned it into a slog, but good WOD. Empty barbell Oly practice beforehand.

Wet Bubble smells funky. See everyone for Team WOD tomorrow!

monroe said...

9:51, Option 2 with 115lb
Good combination of movements. Thanks, Sam.
Warmed up with:
squats & lunges
7x7 T2B EMOM
5x30 DU
Snatch work at 115

Jimmy Chen said...

Can't remember if it was 10 or 11:00 when I finally finished the WOD. The most challenging aspect of this was the HSPUs. Nothing like almost falling on your shoulder to make this constantly varied. ;-)

Jimmy Chen said...

Addendum to my above post - falling on shoulders as a result of wet, slippery floors. If anything, it forced me to really concentrate on balance and (inverted) midline stability.