Apr 17, 2014

Friday 14.04.18

Team WOD
In 2 person teams complete the following tasks:

- 100 Shoulder to Overhead (75/55)
- 80 Kettle Bell Swings (55/35)
- 60 Back-rack Lunges (75/55) (30 per leg)
- 40 Toes to Bar
- 20 Wall Climbs

Optional Skill Work
Pistols – 1:00/0:40/0:20

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550.

Team WOD: In teams of two, one person works while the other rests. Exercises may be done in any order, but each exercise must be completed before moving on to the next. There is no requirement for equal work between partners, but they must share one bar and one kettlebell. The purpose of one person resting is for that person to be able to give a max effort during the work period. Use the rest to your advantage. Talk to your partner about the number of reps you can do unbroken and transition quickly.

For the Back-rack Lunges, place the bar on your back (like you would for a Back Squat) and lunge forward. Your knee should either touch the ground or come within a couple inches of the ground before returning your feet to their original starting positions. Don’t walk around… stay in one place, lunging forward, then returning back.

If Wall Climbs are new to you… lie on the ground face down with your feet against the wall. Anyway you can climb the wall with your feet (basically walking backward up the wall), until you are in a handstand position facing the wall. Your entire body should be touching the wall from feet to chest. That is one.

Optional Skill Work: Do a work rest interval for the Pistols and see how many you can do each round. If you don’t have them yet, hold onto a pole or box to keep your balance. Or you can do a pistol on a box, with one leg hanging off. Or put a 2.5, 5, or 10lb plate under your heel. Talk to a trainer about what might work for you.


Sam Friend said...

14:38 with first-timer Raul. He definitely held his own matching efforts throughout the exercises. Although the bubble was sparsely populated this morning, the IMCF got three teams plus a few extras doing other workouts.

Ross said...


Solo effort this morning did half the reps, 9:32 for me. Wall walks were slow

Dustin Blair said...

Hey everyone thanks for giving Raul a warm welcome this morning. He thoroughly enjoyed the WOD and afterwards we changed into ACUs and swam 200 meters plus practiced taking our uniforms off in the water in preparation for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge testing next week.

Dan and I completed the WOD this morning in approximately 12:43. The wall climbs were challenging at the end.