Apr 3, 2014

Friday 14.04.04

Team WOD
In 2 person teams complete the following tasks:

- 100 Pushups
- 100 Wallballs
- 100 Situps
- 1000m Run

Optional Skill Work
- Butterfly Pullups – 5 minute max effort Butterly Pullups
- Handstand Walks – 3 Max Effort attempts

Post loads and results to www.ironmajorcrossfit.com

Coach's Notes. Standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550.

Team WOD: Pair off and just complete the four tasks… well, maybe not just. Only one partner works at the tasks at a time. While one partner works on the tasks, the other holds a barbell (95/65) in the overhead, locked out position. The bar must be overhead and locked out for the team to accumulate reps. Once the bar drops, partners must switch. Reps can be done in any order or broken up however the team wishes. You will probably want to mark off your progress on a whiteboard.

Optional Skill Work: 
If you are still working on that pesky butterfly pullup, try to get the mechanics down with this progression shown at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvhxum803go.

If you don’t have the kipping pullup yet, try this progression shown at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHoKDa8dKI4.

As my son’s gymnastics coach always told him, you will never be stable in a handstand if your shoulder is not extended. Just like the Overhead Squat and Press series, you need to push those shoulders to your ears. It not only transfers the load through the body, but keeps your body more in line. When walking on your hands, the shoulder bearing the weight must press the floor away (toward the ear) in order to support the weight of the body. If walking is a bridge too far, do handstand holds against the wall working on shoulders pressing the floor away. Then try some away from the wall.


Noah said...


From CF Mainsite in case you did not see it. Gary Taubes just keeps writing one gem after another. This one is over a year old but is right in line with many of the other topics he has written on or spoke of in recent years.

Jimmy Chen said...

Teamed up with Victor this morning. I must apologize to him for: 1) lack of run route knowledge (thanks, Charles) leading to my partner having to hold the press for waaaay too long, and 2) my lack of shoulder strength in keeping up my end of the work. Sorry!

In the end, though, we managed to finish at 20-something. I'm sure we would've had a better time if I was a better partner. Sorry!

Okay, now to hang my head in shame during class while we discuss national security policy formulation this morning...

Sam Friend said...

22ish minutes... I think.
This was a tougher WOD than I originally thought. I loved the great attitudes throughout. It appeared as if you all enjoyed the pain.
Today showed the great atmosphere of the community here. It was a fitting day to pay tribute to Andy. He has been the greatest advocate for an inclusive, encouraging, uplifting (even with the joking and ribbing we tend to do) environment for all who enter the bubble for a great workout. That showed as the last sole athlete showed up and had no partner... Until no less than 5 (surely there were more than 5, but I didn't count them all) others switched off as his partner. All encouraged. All participated to ensure he got the best workout, in the spirit of the programmed WOD. That was after they had all done the workout, but they didn't care... And had fun doing it. That was Andy's vision in front of our eyes.

Susan Friend said...

This was a fantastic WOD. You know you're getting a great workout when the "rest" position is so taxing that you'd rather work than "rest."

I was sad to see Andy leave. He was one of the first people to welcome me into the IMCF community and has been a fine example of true leadership. Like all great leaders, Andy put in WAY more work than anyone realized, and allowed us to believe that we did it ourselves. We have Andy to thank for the blog posts, the competitions, the fundraisers and the community that we have enjoyed over the past year.

Today was a fitting send-off for Andy. Andy has been a strong advocate for Team WOD Fridays. He has given programmers free reign to program as they wish, with the one stipulation that Fridays must be devoted to a Team WOD. These Team WODs have brought us together as a community, forced us to work together in painful ways, and forged bonds of friendship. We didn't need to write a "good-bye" WOD for Andy because ALL of the Team WODs honor Andy. This is his legacy.

Ross said...


Strayed away from IMCF Program this morning a bit, and had some fun with cadet PT. Did a little variation of Murph for the Cadets this morning since I couldn't get 30+ pullup bars at once.

Run 1 Mile
100 Burpees
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
Run 1 Mile

It was a pretty good workout. I finished somewhere in the 34 min range, wasn't so worried about my time more just keeping cadets moving.

Finished off after PT solo, I went and did the 100 pull-ups I owed LT Murhpy.

Dustin Blair said...

So a sick kid kept me from making the normal time. Wish I could have been there for Andy's last WOD. Andy was the first person I met at the bubble as well, in fact I remember him giving me a hard time for coming in so early when I did not have class or work for that matter.
I completed the WOD as a singleton, felt a little funny standing there holding the bar above my head alone. Finished in 14:09.


Sorry I missed your big farewell Andy!!!

The Army made me stand outside and grade APFTs...boo

Thanks for everything, get that shoulder better, I will guning for you next Open.


Andy said...

Late post from somewhere in WV. Drove as many miles as possible today (AMMAP?) headed east.

Did Team WOD with Matt in just under 19. It was a fun one, those OH holds got HARD. Really liked the free-form structure and differing strategies. Run first would have been smart in retrospect. Team WODs are a continuation of Rob Craig's philosophy.

Thanks lady and fellas for the kind words. Just feel privileged to have been part of our community and grateful for the chance to influence its direction a bit. I learned so much in the past 3 years and took away a whole bunch more than I put in. Hope to see everyone in June!