Apr 1, 2014

2014 CrossFit Games Wrap Up

Congratulations to every Athlete on Team Iron Major!


209,503 people world wide signed up for the Games.
See where you stacked up by checking your online Athlete profile.

Team Iron Major Stats Below:
121 out of 330 in North Central (Top 36%)

1320 out of 4237 World Wide (Top 31%) 

A special congratulations to Jacob Heppner (32) and Mark Monroe (54) for finishing on the first page of their respective World Wide Leader Boards.  We look forward to watching you crush it at the next level.

So What's Next?: The 2015 CrossFit Open is only a year away!  Time to start working those holes in your game that Dave Castro so politely pointed out for us...  Look back at the movements required this year:

14.1 - Double Under / Power Snatch
14.2 - Overhead Squat / Chest-to-Bar Pull Up
14.3 - Box Jumps / Deadlifts
14.4 - Row / Toes-to-Bar / Wall Ball / Power Clean / Muscle Up
14.5 - Over-the-Bar Burpee / Thrusters...and Heart

Which movements crushed your soul?  Will it crush you again next year?  Hope is not a method...

Develop a Plan: Continue to develop your all-around fitness by emphasizing general physical preparedness (GPP).  Target those missing skills and strengths before and after your WODs.   Start recording your performance and chart your progress. If fitness is truly a lifetime sport, there is still a lot of work left to do. 

As Dave Castro said in the 14.5 Live Announcement, "The work is fixed, time is not.  You gotta get the work done."

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