Mar 3, 2014

Weekend Notes & Admin Part II

As everyone that showed this AM can attest, it's a bit chilly in the Bubble today.  HVAC is down, and it's so damn cold outside the water was freezing in the mop buckets.  A little sunshine should help, but bring some layers if you are coming in later (UPDATE: reports at 1100 say HVAC is back up and running -- thanks Harney!).  Some info for the masses:
  • Open WOD 14.1 -- Should be no surprises on timing or process.  Make sure you get your scores uploaded to the Games site TODAY by end of day (1630 or so).  If you are taking it down to the wire, contact Mark to ensure your submission gets validated by 1900 today! 
  • Programming Handover --  As noted below, Charles is the man for the month of March.  Big thanks to Russ for the quality programming in February.  Great  job setting us up for the Open...timely focus on double unders, by the way!
  • On-Ramp -- Late thanks to all that attended the Foundations class on 22 Feb.  It was a small but spirited group of trainees, and also a great opportunity to welcome some new trainers into the mix.  On-ramps are one of the most important services IMCF provides to the community.  Get involved...and if you want to make the jump from athlete to trainer, find an L1 and ask how you can do so.  Next On-ramp is (T) scheduled for late April.
Fuzzy photo!

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