Mar 18, 2014

Wednesday 03.19.14

Wednesday 2 person Team WOD

Set #1:  Row 750m while holding 135/95 in a front rack
Set #2:  Perform 50 burpees while holding 95/65 in the overhead position
Set #3:  Perform 50 thrusters (95/65) while holding a bottom squat position

Reps (or rows) only count if the partner is holding the other position.
Switch as often as desired or needed.
If you bring a third person in to the team, then add a jump rope and have the third person perform jump rope singles in the rotation.

Spring Break WOD
5 RFT of:
3 vertical jumps
3 lunges per leg
3 standing broad jumps

Post time to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)


Sadr City King said...

Lazy 0545 crew had four teams of two. average finish time was around 12:00 minutes. the weight got real heavy real fast. Rest up on thursday for 14.4!!!


Guilty! Slept in. Will knock this one out with the wife around 1300ish

Andy said...

Man, that bed was comfy this AM. You 0545ers are not partying hard enough on Spring Break. No-go on Team WOD -- too tough on my broken parts. Subbed:

Row 100m TT. Not sure that's even a thing (Rob, can I get a ruling?) but it's listed as a speed benchmark. 17.3 / 16.9 / 16.9 / 17.1.

"Laredo" 6RFT: 24 x SQT, Pushup, walking lunge, 400m run. 24:02, PU stunk and legs got heavy. Probably would have shaved time on the track.

CONGRATS to Tara on bad-ass pullup #1!

Ross said...


Busy day too many meetings... Tried the spring break WOD
5 RFT of:
3 vertical jumps
3 lunges per leg
3 standing broad jumps
Time 2:24 - maybe I missed something ?

1 Hang Squat Snatch @135
touch N go with
1 Squat Snatch from the ground @135

Finished with some Bar MU Work.

monroe said...

Still feeling two goes at 14.3. I think I'll go back to "one and done."
did a crawling/rolling warm up, then:
Toes to bar: 5x10
snatch: worked up to 135, 8 singles
30 wall ball
30 burpees
30 walking lunges.
Tried some regular grip MU's, but no joy.