Mar 11, 2014

Wednesday 03.12.14

Team WOD
St Patrick's Day Themed Team WOD
As 2 or 3 person team for time:
(Short explanation)
Run 400M with 20lb med ball
40 wall balls
40 wall ball situps
Length of bubble walking lunges with 20lb med ball
40 pullups
90 med ball cleans

See complete description below

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

Okay, so its not St Paddy's Day yet but it fits well in to the programming model.  If you have anything green, wear it!  Grab one or two other partners and get warmed up.

Point of this team WOD is to steal Leppy's gold (the medicine ball) from the end of the rainbow and safely get it home.  If you drop the gold on the ground, every person does 3 burpees as a penalty.  Also, you can take 10 seconds off your team's time for each green article of clothing worn for the WOD.

First, steal your 400 M with the medicine ball.
Next, throw your gold over the wall...40 wall ball shots with partner(s) in a handstand hold.
Then, hand your gold off to your partner...40 med ball situps to partner throw
Then, get the gold out of Leppy's reach by lunging the length of the Bubble with the med ball, partner bear crawls.
Then, pull yourself out of Leppy's reach with 40 pullups while partner squat holds the med ball
Drop your hard earned gold off with 90 med ball cleans.  (No penalty for MBC reps)


Allie Scott said...

I <3 Burpees...

Ross said...


Traveling and driving all week so odd workout and posting times.

This looks like a good one I can use with the cadets next week - a good welcome back off spring break..

Yesterday did my 3x3 DL @355
Squat Clean Thrusters and CTB Pull-ups in 4:12

Today did Linda
DL @335
Cleans @175
Time 32:45 took me longer than I had imagined - first time for me.