Mar 31, 2014

Tuesday 14.04.01 (Seriously this time)

Main WOD
8 minute AMRAP

Option 1:
- 5 Overhead Squats (135/95)
- 3 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)
- 1 Muscle Up

Option 2:
- 5 Overhead Squats (95/65)
- 5 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
- 5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (even rounds) / Ring Dips (odd rounds)

Optional Strength Work
- Deadlift – 5x40%, 5x50%, 3x60%, 5x65%, 5x75%, 5x85%

Post loads and results to 

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to 3,2,1...Go!

Main WOD:  Here is your first WOD with options, as promised. Choose one or a combination of the two or a scaled version that is right for your relative intensity. 

Overhead Squat: Greg Glassman says, “The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, and peerless in developing effective athletic movement.” He also calls it “unsurpassed”. That is why we’re doing Overhead Squats first thing this month. Focus on tightening your abs, maintaining your lumbar curve, staying as upright as possible (chest up), and shoulders high and engaged in pushing the bar up throughout the squat. You should feel it in your core. Full article at

Burpee Box Jumps… just drop flat on the ground, get up, and jump on a box. Remember full extension of hips and knees on top of the box. Try to jump up, since there are so few reps in a round. Scale to a lower height before you scale to step ups.

Ring Muscle Ups are preferred, but Bar Muscle Ups are acceptable. If you are doing the C2B PUs and Ring Dips, switch between the two exercises each round… 5 Ring Dips in the first round, then after finishing the BJs again do 5 C2Bs, etc. Scale with regular Pull-ups, banded Pull-ups, and Dips with a toe on the ground. Keep the rings close to the body taking advantage of your core strength… and building more. You can also use the dip contraption off to the side if rings are too congested.

Optional Strength Work: Here is the great article from Rippetoe explaining the set up for a Deadlift.">Mark. Really, the set up is half the work in the Deadlift. During the rest of it, focus on keeping your lumbar curve intact (i.e. don’t round your back). Remember, this strengthens your lower back… so expect tension throughout the posterior chain, meaning the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. The Deadlift is NOT a Squat. The first three sets are your warm up sets at 40, 50, and 60% of 1RM. The final three are the working sets. If you don’t have a 1RM, work with a trainer at light weight on form before stacking on a bunch of plates.


monroe said...

Jacob Heppner: #32 Worldwide! Congratulations on all the hard work, Jake. Stay healthy.

Allie Scott said...

Congrats Jacob!

Jimmy Chen said...

Congrats, Jacob!! Beast!

Sam Friend said...

Awesome, Jacob!
Got 4 rounds in Option 1... OK, so the last MU was slightly after the bell, but Charles wouldn't get out of the way... So, I'm counting it.
I agree with Rob... I would scale to 115 if I was to do it over. Remember observations like that during this month for the movements we'll be doing often (like the OHS) so that you can use that information in future WODs.
By the way... Did anyone actually do the April Fools WOD?... If so, did you oil up before flexing in the mirror?

Sadr City King said...

Sam, good WOD. 4 + 1 @ 135. I definelty should have scaled this one down to 115. Sorry about the mixup on the rings. Friendly reminder Throwdown at the Yard April 12-13, with a 55 dollar entrance fee. Mark and Jacob congratulations to both.

Ross said...


Awesome job to Jacob and Mark - way to go...

Option 1 with Bar MU ( I know I need to work rings, just no place to hang them).Used 135lbs and 30 in Box

7RDs +1 OHS

Sets of 5 @ 175, 225, 265, 290, 335, 375 with a 2 min rest in between sets.

Susan Friend said...

Great job, Jacob!

I enjoyed today's WOD. The Options were great--I went heavier on the OHS (95 lbs) but subbed C2B and Ring Dips for the MUs. I enjoy heavy barbell work because it makes me feel like I'm getting something done. I'm not as strong on the skill work, so the Options gave some good direction on how to customize the WOD.

Jared said...


If interested there is a CF Endurance course 12-13 April at CF Overland Park Looks like there is still space available.

Andy said...

Caught this post late, just finished Yes-Nos and was headed for the elliptical when I got the "joke". Thanks a lot, guys.

Really like the options, had to butcher them to come up with one that worked for me. Settled on:
12 min AMRAP:
6 goblet squat (70)
6 box jump (30") to candlestick rolls
6 KBS (70, Russian)
1 MU

6+15 on time, finished 7 for kicks. DL for lunch.

Awesome work Jacob and Mark!

Dan R. said...

Did option 2 @ #95 OHS. 6 Rounds total.
Great job Jacob. I bet Chuck Norris wears Jacob Heppner pajamas to bed.

Noah said...

5 rounds at 115#.

Ross...cine job with 7 rds at 135.

Jacob and Mark...nice work in the Open. Looking forward to cheering you on you at Regionals.