Mar 24, 2014

Tuesday 03.25.14

First, do the FROM Warm Up

5 x 5 deadlift @ 60-70% 1 RM

15 min EMOM:
   1 x Power clean (155/95)
   2 x Burpees
   3 x T2B
   4 x Push-ups
   5 x Air squats

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Not much to say on the deadlift unless you count the hundreds of terrabytes on the internet dedicated to describing the mechanics and benefits of this lift.  Simply put, "pick the thing up" (quote attributed to Mark Rippetoe, cleaned up for this family website).  Spinal alignment is imperative, from the base of your neck all the way down thru your L5.  Brace yourself while standing at the bar and don't surrender that stable position until the bar is returned to the ground.

A lot of transitions in this short cycle METCON.  Two strategies to think about...complete all 15 reps in a sprint without pausing and then rest for the remainder of the minute (maybe 25-35 seconds).  Or glide your way thru the 15 reps at a moderate pace and rest only 15 seconds or so at the end of each minute but not have your heart rate so high at the end of that minute.

And don't dream of catching that single power clean in anything other than a stable, braced position!



Awesome WOD today...felt good throughout all 15 sets. Taxed, but not Smoked.

Andy influenced a 4 minute bonus round of Burpess, TTB, PU, AS...oh peer pressure, will you ever change?

Ross said...


DL's 5@275, 275, 295, 295, 315

EMOTM WOD - made all 15 rds, did the sprint through as fast I could method, was able to do all rounds in about 25 sec and rest for 30+ each min. Pretty good WOD to get the heart rate moving.

Also worked some BJs and Bar MU.

Jared said...

Enjoyed this mornings WOD. 15rds RX. Rounds 1-4 about 35sec then slipped to 40sec for the remainder.

Failed miserably at Andy's follow on challenge.

Andy said...

Always like EMOM formats, and big fan of the all-out approach. The beauty of it from a training perspective is it becomes akin to interval training -- high intensity, defined recovery time. There is lots o' value in going as hard as possible and struggling to recover in the time allotted. If you try to pace it out...your ave power output stays the same, but the stimulus is diffused.

Running 8 x 100m sprints on the :60 is hugely different than running an 800 in 8:00. Same approach with W/G movements. Unless of course, you are talking about a grinder like 30 rds of Chelsea, where you just want to survive:)

Thanks to everyone for playing along on the AMReps this AM!

Kurt Knoedler said...

I really enjoyed the WOD today. I was unsure about being able to sustain the clean @ 155, but was able to finish RX at about the 40 sec mark every round.

monroe said...

Started with snatch work, 5x135, 5x140. Watched with amazement as Jacob snatched 245 from the hang.
Front squat 135x3x5
Then did the WOD with 135 for the cleans, finished each round at 32 seconds. Just what I needed.

Allie Scott said...

I too enjoyed this one. Didn't think it would be hard, but it challenged me to keep the same points of performance, pace and focus.
Warm-up with 5x5 DLs @160 and 30DUs to get the heart rate up.
Rx for me, completed each round with 10-15 sec to spare. Good strong pace through the whole thing. I like it.
Ended with 50 ring rows and my time waster overhead lunges.