Mar 17, 2014

Tuesday 03.18.14

Run 5k

3 x 3 @80% 1RM

Practice handstand holds of 1:00. :40 and :20.

Spring Break WOD
5 RFT of:
Sprint 200m
10 air squats
10 HRPUs

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start the Run at these times)

Bring a glow belt and don't skate out on the 5K to just go right in to snatching or some other movement you enjoy.  Knock out that run, you'll be glad you did for the rest of the day.


Ross said...


Ran yesterday, scheduled to run tomorrow for Cadet PT, so I decided to do a 5k Row this morning, beside I suck at rowing so it was a good switch for me.

Worked BJ up to 10 @38 in
2x5 Bar MU

Row 5k - 19:33 (3 sec off my time from last month)

3x3 Snatch @135

3x5 Behind head snatch grip Push Presses @135

Hand Stand Holds 1:00, :40, :20

2x5 Bar MU

Andy said...

Good run this AM with Ken. 22:09 for both on the prescribed route. Easy tempo on the way out, picked it up on the way in. Well off race pace, but probably a lot harder than I would have run solo. Appreciated the push.

Goofed around with DU / GHDs / handstands after.

Jacob Heppner said...

I'll by my lonesome at 1100, I guess thats what happens when you don't wake up at 0520.

4 rounds:
10x Deficit HSPU (6 inches)
15x T2B
20x 6 inch TGT Burpees
Rest 1:1

Practice those T2B!!! They are coming!

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Meg Smith said...

Did 4 in 38:15. I've been having some foot pain training for a 1/2 marathon but today felt ok.

Allie Scott said...

I did not do today's because I have a classmate training with me, so I'm doing light programming for him and then a WOD for myself.

With my partner and I did "Anna"- 600m, 10TGU, 400m, 8 TGU, 200m, 6 TGU, 400m 4TGU, 600m (we only did 200 because we're screw ups) and 2TGU.

Then I attempted "The Seven", which I only went through 4Rds. I'll try that one again when I'm fresh. 7rds of 7HSPU, 7Thrusters (95#rx I did 75#), 7K2E, 7Deadlift (175#rx, I did 155#) 7Burpees, 7KB Swings (53#rx, I did 26#), 7PullUps. Yup- 4 rounds +7HSPU. DNF for me ;)

See you guys tomorrow.