Mar 5, 2014

Thursday 03.06.14

Active Recovery Day
Open WOD 14.2 is Friday so spend some time today working any sticky spots.  Foam roll, mobilize, band distract, voodoo floss, PNF, yoga, breathe thru your eyelids, find you chi, hydrate and sleep.

Alternate WOD for those not resting for 14.2
 15 rounds of:
  Max distance row in 30 sec followed by 30 sec rest

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (No set start times for this rest day but partner up and work mobility)


Ross said...


Did some BJ, Bar MU, and Snatch work with my warm ups.

Damper @ 10, avg about 1:41 / 500m, stokes a little faster probably than they should have been about the 35 or 36 /min mark

15 rds for distance
30 sec row / 30 sec rest
Total Distance - 2531 m.

Andy said...

Feeling like a slug, so came in for some quick ones.

5RFT: 12 WB (20), 12 TTB -- 5:01

100 DU for time -- :58 PR! Despite the smoked forarms from TTB. Doesn't always make sense...