Mar 22, 2014

Open WOD 14.4 - Judge Coordination

14.3 is in the books, I think the pic at right about sums it up.  View latest IMCF standings here on the custom leaderboard.

WOD 14.4 posts Thursday at 1900.  Again, the primary session for all registered athletes is the Friday AM session -- show for the WOD brief at 0545 sharp.  Expecting more folks to show at later sessions due to spring break.  Please chime in on comments to "confirm" your time slot so we can try to align judge support where it's needed.

Judge roster and contact info are posted here, but as always use this site for routine coordination so others can pile on to planned sessions.  If you run into any issues with posting or validating your judge.
  • JUDGES - please nominate/confirm times you are available.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, you can request a new time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below; check comments for most current info. 

All listed times are athlete show/setup times, WOD brief at show time +:15

0530-UTC:  MAIN SESSION (10+ judges)
0900-1030:  Scheduled (Meg +3)
1300-TBD:  Planned (TBD)
1600-TBD:  Planned (TBD) (1)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)

0800-UTC:  Scheduled -- 0820 athlete brief, 0830 heats start (TBD)

No planned sessions. Individual coordination by exception only, contact for assistance.

0530-0730:  Normal morning IMCF WOD hours.  Judges available ~0600-0730.
0900-1030:  Available (Meg +3)
1600-TBD:  Planned (TBD)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)


Allie Scott said...

That is awesome!!! Thanks for the leaderboard.

Reflecting back to where I was a year ago, this is such an accomplishment for me. I was afraid to get back into crossfit because I had been gone for some time. Then when I started to lift I was afraid to try a snatch with a 35#bar. I am fortunate to have a crew at the bubble that was welcoming and encouraged me to push! To name a few: Keelee McLaurin, Nicole Tenant, Jacob Heppner, Elizabeth Brown, RJ Mantick, Mike Donegan, Lara Brown... Awe heck - pretty much everyone in that place at some point in time helped get me farther.

See you in the bubble.

Allie Scott said...

Oh yeah - and as always I am on the Friday night 1600 for 14.4. #Bringonthrusters


I can judge Friday morning and the Monday morning surge for all you spring breakers...

Ross said...

Interesting pic from Outlaw way - seen a few articles and cartoons of CF'ers bashing HQ on the 14.3 workout - even saw article of one Affiliate that refused to host the 14.3 workout. I know each affiliate is independent and can run the way they want - by why didn't they turn 14.3 into a learning opportunity if they were that worried about it?

As a CF community we should have embraced 14.3 - is there a chance of injury - sure, but I might get hit by a car today too - I was told when I started flight school that Rugby would be the end of my Aviation Career - didn't happen.. Never been one to back away from challenges and avoid a calculated risk. Not saying IMCF did this!!! Infact looking at Scores I commend IMCF on a great job. But I am upset at a large part of the CF Community for not embracing 14.3 like every other Open workout. It was a great opportunity to excel, and test yourself physically, your coaching and technique, and your mental adaptability.

Sorry - I will step down from my soap box - good luck in 14.4.

Dan R. said...

Planning on being in the bubble around 0600 Friday morning.

Andy said...

Dan - if you can make 0600, recommend you attend the mass athlete WOD brief at 0545.

Ross – no commentary intended with the pic, I just thought it was amusing! Deep thoughts by Andy.

Agreed, nothing inherently wrong with the WOD. Taxing for sure, and perhaps a higher potential penalty than usual for a breakdown in form. But keep the mechanics clean (TOVAR!) and there is minimal risk to be had. I think we did a solid job in the Bubble of discussing approach, emphasizing technique, and keeping people safe. Yes, we saw some deviations from textbook form. To my knowledge, no one got hurt aside from maybe some pride/egos :)

On board with the traditional arguments against the “riskiness of CF.” That said, for 99% of us I am not sure there is any sense in knowingly assuming extra risk on a workout like 14.3, calculated or not. Is the reward of moving up 13 spots on a worldwide ranking of 8,243 worth additional risk of injury? Nope. ABSOLUTELY attack it with everything you’ve got. But keep it tight. Know thyself and your training goals -- if the Open isn’t your livelihood and the pinnacle of your training plan, well…that should influence your approach. Incremental gains beat injury, 8 days a week.

Peter Z said...

Be there for the 0545 tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Kurt Knoedler said...

I will be attending the SAT morning start as well.