Mar 16, 2014

Open WOD 14.3 - Judge Coordination

WOD 14.3 closes tonight at 1900. Remaining IMCF sessions are shown in the schedule below.  Request and coordinate additional judge support in the comments as needed.  Expand post for more info and full WOD schedule.

Upload your scores! Went from a few no-scores week one to 10 last week.  Stay on it, get a score registered. Again, if you run into any issues, post to comments or contact your judge.  View updated results here on the custom leaderboard.

Judge roster and contact info are posted here, but continue to use this site for routine coordination so others can pile on to planned sessions.
  • JUDGES - please nominate/confirm times you are available.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, you can request a new time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below; check comments for most current info. 

All listed times are athlete show/setup times, WOD brief at show time +:15.

0530-UTC:  MAIN SESSION (10+ judges)
0900-1030:  Scheduled (Meg +3) (Pete)
1300~1600:  Scheduled (Dave + TBD)
1600-TBD:  Planned (TBD)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)

0800-UTC:  Scheduled -- 0820 athlete brief, 0830 heats start (Rob, Andy +TBD)


No planned sessions. Individual coordination by exception only, contact for assistance.

0530-0730:  Normal morning IMCF WOD hours.  Judges available ~0600-0730.  (Rob, others)
0900-1030:  Available (Meg +3)
1600-TBD:  Planned (TBD)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)



I can support Friday, Saturday, Monday morning...

Peter Z said...

Will be there at 0900 on Friday.

Allie Scott said...

I'm planning on being in there by 5pm Friday - but I know that's later than expected, so if no judge is avail no issue - I'll do it Sat morning with that crew!

I watched Stacie Tovar go head to head. She almost kept the lead but Pichelli came up from the rear - this looks tough!

And I'm REALLY happy not to see thrusters or muscle ups yet :)

Nick Talbot said...

I've got a fitness test at 0900, but will pop over after to see if anyone is about :)

If not, I'll head back for the 1300ish session?

I love that the top of the ladder is 35 reps at my 1RM; from watching the video submissions, though, shouldn't be an issue (won't get there, lol!)


I'll be there to judge at 1300

Mike D said...

Can anyone support a Monday morning session?


I'll be there from 5:30-7:00 to judge on Monday.

Kristen said...

Is anyone avaliable today around 1500 to judge? Thanks KP

Andy said...

Kristen -- might need more than an hour's lead time to confirm! If no one answers up, it is usually a safe bet that you can find someone (LTC McD, Elizabeth, others) around 1600-1630.