Mar 9, 2014

Open WOD 14.2 - Judge Coordination

Some great 14.1 scores last week!  View results here on the custom leaderboard.

Round 2!  WOD 14.2 posts Thursday at 1900.  Again, the primary session for all registered athletes is the Friday AM session -- show for the WOD brief at 0545 sharp.  Other planned IMCF sessions are shown in the schedule below and will be updated as they are arranged.  Request and coordinate additional judge support in the comments as needed.  Expand post for more info and WOD schedule.

Show up on time for the mass WOD brief!  Even if you plan on going in a later heat, get the WOD brief out of the way and move on to your warm up.  Particularly on weekends -- don't abuse the generosity of our volunteer judge team.  Should be able to get in and out in 2 heats, under an hour.  If you stroll in at 0945, prepare to be disappointed.  We love ya, but have stuff to do!

Upload your scores! We had a few no-scores last week. Again, if you run into any issues, post to comments or contact your judge.

UPDATED judge roster and contact info are posted here, but continue to use this site for routine coordination so others can pile on to planned sessions.
  • JUDGES - please nominate/confirm times you are available.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, you can request a new time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below; check comments for most current info. 

All listed times are athlete show/setup times, WOD brief at show time +:15.

0530-UTC:  MAIN SESSION - try to make this one (10+ judges)
0900-1030:  Scheduled (Meg +3)

1300-1600:  Scheduled (Mike D, Dave, others TBD).  Firm up linkup times in comments.
1600-1730:  Scheduled (Elizabeth, Jake, others TBD)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)

0800-UTC:  Scheduled -- 0820 athlete brief, 0830 Heats start (6+ judges).  BE ON TIME!

If you are in a jam and need to get one in this weekend (Sat or Sun), email for options.

No planned scoring sessions. Individual coordination by exception only.

0530-0730:  Normal morning IMCF WOD hours.  Judges available ~0615-0730.

0900-1000:  Available (Meg, others)
*1200:  Submission deadline is 1900 local. If you have not executed by now, you are in "Crisis" mode!

Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)


Mike D said...

Tomorrow is an early day for CGSC... I will be in the Bubble to judge and be judged at 1300-1600!

Andy said...

Have 3 confirmed judges for 1300-UTC Friday. If you plan to come, aim for 1300 or give a heads up on here with your expected show time.

Russ Ames said...

What were the rough athlete counts from last weeks sessions?

I'm good for Friday 545 and Saturday .

Andy said...

Russ, #s in the judge email. Pete, got you covered. Thanks for the check-in.

Dwayne Beasley said...

In for Saturday morning session please.


I'll be there to judge from 0800-0900.

Russ Ames said...

FRAGO, I'm out Saturday. Ambushed by Impromptu 'tween girls' sleepover tonight. I am primary on KP, and alternate on chaos control.

Gorilla Army said...

Will anyone be there to judge tomorrow afternoon by chance?

Allie Scott said...

Thanks to the late Friday judge crew! I got in my score for the team! I'll be a Friday night regular and show up Sat am's (with our mascot, Bro-D) to cheer everyone on.

Kristen said...

Is anyone available this afternoon to do a late judging, possibly around 1500, maybe earlier? KP

IndiraDonegan said...

I will be there as soon as class ends... 1500ish. I can judge and might like to try again!

IndiraDonegan said...

Whoops. That is my wife's profile. This is Mike D...