Mar 16, 2014

Monday 03.17.14

** Reminder to submit you scores before 1800 on Monday evening so they can be validated by the 1900 deadline **

Warmup with the Full Range of Motion Warmup

3 x 5 front squat at 60% of 1RM

EMOM for 10 minutes:
Ascending clean and jerks (135/95)
   1 C&J first minute, 2 C&J second minute...
   If unable to complete the EMOM, transition to 3 reps per minute for the remainder of the ten minutes.

GHR 3 x 5 (glute ham raises)

Spring Break WOD (i.e no equipment available)
10 RFT of:
10 pushups
10 situps
10 air squats

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

FROM warmup is detailed on Feb 2, 2014.

Last year, the CFJ produced a video of Chad Vaughn practicing a C&J.  Watch it here.
Team USA also has a good video description of the C&J.  Watch it here.

Subtle differences between the videos with the elbow position to start the jerk.  Chad V uses a higher elbow position than in the second video where the elbows are lower and more under the bar than out in front of the bar.  Experiment with both and see if one feels better than the other.

And if you've never seen Hossein Rezazadeh's world record C&J (581 lbs!), watch it here.  His actual record setting lift is at 4:00.



I'll be available from 5:30-7:00 to judge any 14.3 stragglers.

monroe said...

Major David Goscha!!! Resubmit your 14.3 score with a tie-breaker time of 5:37. Anyone who sees or knows David, please pass this on.

I'm going to reattempt at 0900 or so.


Great post 14.3 workout. The C&J loosened up the back and the front squats taxed the stabilizer muscles...

Darn it feels good to be a gangster.

Ross said...


long slow 4 mile run,
light on Front Squats 3x5 @185

Clean and Jerks @135 made it through the round of 8 no gas for 9, finished with recommended 3 on last two minutes.

Allie Scott said...

Yoga on Sundays makes Monday's feel good. Good programming so far Charles! I like it.

Headed in to push the night crew for a bit! See ya there.

Andy said...

Swim today, 15min TT -- 600m.

Man, 14.3 hit me like a bomb Sat. Form stayed solid, but just overexerted myself. Couldn't recover -- spent all day with an random earaches and feeling like I was going to retch. Slept 12 hours on Sat night. Thought about a redo (so close to making the next BJ round) but not in the cards. In retrospect, probably a poor decision to go out as hard as I did.

Side note, great score Ross.

monroe said...

Broke a long standing rule and redid 14.3, thinking I had much more in me. Had more, but not much. Improved by one rep, and 11 seconds on my tie breaker time. Enough to move me up about 15 places, so worth it. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on!

Ross said...


Thanks, I just wish I hadn't done so bad on week 1... Oh well...

I know what you mean about 14.3 hitting you hard. Friday night after completing it, I didn't cool down enough / right - cause my family had come to watch everyone do the workout and we took off shortly after my heat. well my whole body, probably my CNS was a wreck for the next 12 hours, woke up three or four times just sweating like crazy very uncomfortable just a weird feeling..

Allie Scott said...

Mark- same here, although its not a long standing rule, because I'm a newbie. I redid 14.3 and got 3 more reps & improved 20 sec on tie breaker. Not bad at all!

Today's WOD: Didn't get past 7 minutes... That's actually pretty tough so it was 10min well spent.