Mar 2, 2014

Monday 03.03.14

   3 x 3 Dead Lifts  @ 70% 1 RM

   For time:
   Row 1500 meters, 5 power cleans (135/95)
   Row 1000 meters, 7 power cleans
   Row 500 meters,   9 power cleans
   Row 300 meters, 12 power cleans                    

    Max broad jump, 5 attempts

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Theme for the day is spinal alignment.

We have not spent much time this winter on the dead lift (if you don't count shovelling snow) so time to pick up something heavy again.  Focus on form and maintain a tight core and the lumbar curve (spinal alignment).

For the METCON, best scaling option would be to lower the weight on the power cleans.   Maintain form on the rower (more spinal alignment) and proper form on the power cleans (even more spinal alignment).  As fatigue sets in, be aware of the position your thoracic spine is in as you 'catch' that power clean up high.  If you start to surrender into a forward rounded, caved in position as you get under the bar you risk slipping a disc in a very bad way.  Be diligent to get under that bar not by shrugging down but by dropping under with a completely erect, stable spine.


Sam Friend said...

17:46 Rx
This was actually a great WOD for the cold, as I could leave on all my warm up clothing and still complete the movements. One question I have.... Are barbells heavier when they are colder? That weight really didn't want to be lifted after rowing.

Ross said...


DLs 3x3@315

16:59 RX

Ran out of time and forgot tape measure for broad jumps.

Andy said...

brrr. FS heavy 3s to 225, singles to 245. Shoulder mob afterwards.

Forgot to broad jump, but did the same last week (8'4"). Felt OK about that until I looked at the NFL combine and saw that half the OL out there beat that. Granted, they're probably all 6'4" but...300lb dudes can jump.

Jared said...

Chose to do more DL reps at lighter weight. Took some serious work to warm up this morning. 22:37 on the metcon. Concentrated on setting a pace that I could keep throughout with out redline. Pace was probably too slow, I have a very fine line between cruising and crushed.

Kurt Knoedler said...

20:57 RX I should have set a more sustainable pace to save my legs. The last set of Cleans took me more then 2 min to complete.

Jimmy Chen said...

19:15 with 115. Thanks to Jared for the pointers this morning regarding the 2nd pull!

I have to echo Sam's question - those barbells certainly *feel* heavier!

monroe said...

DL 245x5x3
WOD 20:50 Rx
C2 Pace was around 2:05, dumping after each clean ate up lots of seconds

Russ Ames said...

18:10@115lbs for cleans