Mar 2, 2014

March Programming Notes and Open 14.1 Reminder

First...a reminder: the 14.1 submission deadline is Monday at 1900.  Mark, serving as our affiliate manager, has to validate any and all submitted scores before that time so do not delay in inputting your score.  Visit the 14.1 WOD Coordination post to arrange a time on Monday to judge or be judged. official word yet on any delayed entry times on Monday.  It would be for sub-zero temperatures or way-below-zero wind chills more so than for the snow this afternoon.  Keep an eye on the USAG Fort Leavenworth page and when someone sees something please post it to comments under Monday's WOD.

Third, a new month so a new programmer stepping in to the breach.  Charles Slider will be steering us thru the Open season with some great programming the next few weeks.  Here are his thoughts on what to expect beginning with Monday.

My name is Charles Slider and I want to thank you for allowing me to program the month of March. Focus for this month will be on maintenance during the CrossFit Open. This month’s programming combines elements of Olympic lifting, power lifting and monostructural work. A few key highlights regarding this month’s programming.

-FROM Warm-up - Please warm up using the previous month’s methods to ensure the body is prepared for any upcoming WODS. Warming up consists of executing similar movements at lower speeds to build movement memory. This prevents injury and allows athletes to perform movements more efficiently.

-Scaling options - All of the workouts are programmed as prescribed. If there is a weight that is unrealistic to perform in a specified movement, lower the weight or perform an alternate movement. Find a trainer to assist with scaling options. Keep your ego at the door and understand the importance of lowering weight to fight another day.

-A change to the weekly schedule includes Team WODs moved to Wednesday, Thursday rest day, and Friday reserved for the Open. If you are not participating in the Open, perform the alternate WOD of the Day.  

- Team WODs are specifically designed this month to push your partner and build shared experiences within the community. Invite family, friends, and loved ones each Wednesday to share this experience.

Spring Break - Alternate WODs for Spring Break for those departing the area will be posted to the IMCF page daily. These WODS require minimal equipment and time to complete.